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being two more than fifty


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Even more dramatic is the contrast between today's American forces and the most effective armies of history--the Israeli force that won the spectacular victory in the z967 war, which had a ratio of one general to 6,926 enlisted men, and the Roman army of 52 AD, which had a ratio of one to 8,711.
In a Malabar tradition arising from the first century of the common era, the apostle Thomas reached Kodungallur in Kerala in 52 AD where he began preaching the new religion of a risen Christ or savior named Jesus of Nazareth.
A communications system, the Fosse Way, was established just behind the northwest edge of this occupied area before further expansion--mainly into the West Midlands and Wales--took place between 47 and 52 AD.
Summary: DUBAI - St Thomas Orthodox Cathedral is celebrating 1,960th anniversary of founding by Saint Thomas, the Apostle, in 52 AD and yearlong centenary celebrations of the re-establishment of the Holy Catholicate of the East in the soil of Malankara in 1912 AD.
He pointed out that 52 ads labelled 'second-hand dogs' were posted on a popular Dubai online shopping platform in different categories that ranged from electronics to furniture as a part of the campaign.