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being two more than fifty


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Books VI 25-32 and VII, Groningen 1981, 52 ad loc., sulla scia di H.
The Keralans are from the Syro-Malabar branch of the Catholic Church and it is claimed it was founded when Thomas the apostle travelled to India in 52 AD.
Even more dramatic is the contrast between today's American forces and the most effective armies of history--the Israeli force that won the spectacular victory in the z967 war, which had a ratio of one general to 6,926 enlisted men, and the Roman army of 52 AD, which had a ratio of one to 8,711.
In a Malabar tradition arising from the first century of the common era, the apostle Thomas reached Kodungallur in Kerala in 52 AD where he began preaching the new religion of a risen Christ or savior named Jesus of Nazareth.
The CDI 13 has interesting information on the Catholic population in 2003/2005/2013 (page 86 ff), world religions (page 91 ff), the Catholic population of various countries (page 96), a chronology of "key events" in the church from 52 AD (page 135 ff), and Census of India statistics (page 84 ff).
Summary: DUBAI - St Thomas Orthodox Cathedral is celebrating 1,960th anniversary of founding by Saint Thomas, the Apostle, in 52 AD and yearlong centenary celebrations of the re-establishment of the Holy Catholicate of the East in the soil of Malankara in 1912 AD.
He pointed out that 52 ads labelled 'second-hand dogs' were posted on a popular Dubai online shopping platform in different categories that ranged from electronics to furniture as a part of the campaign.