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being one more than fifty


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(9) In an open-label, parallel-group study of 51 AD patients that compared rivastigmine patches with rivastigmine capsules, transdermal administration was associated with slower increases to lower peak plasma concentrations (prolonged [T.sub.max] and reduced [C.sub.max]), and less fluctuation in plasma concentration.
CVS and Rite Aid gave most of their feature support to their own private label brands, while Walgreens focused on Bayer's Phillips brand (51 ads last year).
A special Cinco de Mayo issue this year was fat with 51 ads spread out across three sections, a benchmark in a year that Lozano-Yancy said is on track to be her paper's most profitable yet.
Hoskins filmed 51 ads before quitting the job, claiming he was being driven mad by people stopping him in the street to tell him "It's Good To Talk."