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Synonyms for 500

the cardinal number that is the product of one hundred and five

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denoting a quantity consisting of 500 items or units

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40) However, there is scarce evidence of the succeeding Pre-Angkorian period after 500 CE in Phum Snay.
300 to 500 CE, large proto-historic sites became much larger, possibly by absorbing smaller ones, and after 500 CE they were centred around a temple cluster such as Thala Borivat and Ba Doem.
After 500 CE, the author points out that Islam appeared and the Arabs who were already established as traders became empire-builders, and traveling by sea or on camels and horses they began to conquer several Indo-European lands which included Spain, Persia, Afghanistan and South-Western India.
De acordo com a analise estatistica, verificou-se que, para a maioria dos tratamentos dos bioensaios 1 e 2 (Tabelas 1 e 2), a testemunha nao diferiu estatisticamente dos agrotoxicos considerados inocuos (classe 1), tais como no bioensaio 1 para Opera, Priori Xtra aos 3DAP; Opera, Priori Xtra e Sumithion 500 CE aos 10, 17 e 24DAP, e Opera, Priori Xtra, Sumithion 500 CE e Safety aos 31DAP; e no bioensaio 2 para Match EC aos 3, 17 e 24DAP, Folicur 200 EC aos 3, 10, 17, 24 e 31DAP, e Lorsban 480 BR aos 24DAP.
Para Sumithion 500 CE, classificado como de vida curta (classe 1) no presente trabalho (Tabela 1), GIOLO et al.
Os inseticidas Match CE (0,30) e Sumithion 500 CE (1,50) sao de vida curta (classe 1); Lorsban 480 BR (1) e Safety (0,10) sao moderadamente persistentes (classe 3) e Engeo Pleno (0,25), Karate Zeon 50 CS (0,15) e Tracer (0,10) sao persistentes (classe 4) a adultos de T.
Entre as dez formulacoes, o LEBAYCID 500 CE destaca-se com o maior risco de intoxicacao do preparador de caldas, com nenhum abastecimento seguro nas tres condicoes de trabalho.
mg/kg/dia) ALTO 100 CS (1/2) ciproconazole 100 1,00 AMISTAR TOP SC (1) azoxistrobina + 200 10,00 difenoconazole 125 1,00 CONDOR 200 SC (1/2) bromuconazole 200 2,00 COSTANT CE (1/2) tebuconazole 200 1,50 ELITE CE (1/2) tebuconazole 200 1,50 FOLICUR 200 EC (2) tebuconazole 200 1,50 LEBAYCID 500 CE (1) fenthion 500 0,02 NATIVO SC (2) trifloxistrobina + 100 5,00 tebuconazole 200 1,50 PROVADO (1) imidacloprido 200 6,00 TRIADE CE (1/2) tebuconazole 200 1,50 Fonte: Andrei (2009) (1); AGROFIT (2009) (2); TGA (2008) (3) TABELA 2--Exposicoes dermica (ED) e respiratoria (ER), totais (ED + ER) e nao controladas pelas vestimentas de protecao individual proporcionadas ao preparador de caldas, no tanque de 2.
Beginning his ambitious study in 500 CE, a time when East and West became "fundamentally and consistently interlinked," John M.
ASCP currently offers more than 500 CE programs per year, including workshops, teleconferences, national meetings, and educational courses.
This encyclopedia contains some 500 entries on literary topics, works, and writers of the ancient world from its beginnings to approximately 500 CE.
500 BCE to 500 CE, a period with scarce textual and/or other written source material.
Todos os inseticidas testados: Dipterex 500, Kumulus DF, Malathion 1000 CE, Sumithion 500 CE e Tiomet 400 CE, reduziram significativamente (p<0,05, Bonferroni-Dunn t) o numero de ovos parasitados em relacao a testemunha do bioensaio, com valores de 0,30; 1,48; 0,00; 10,81 e 0,00 ovos parasitados por femea de T.
De acordo com a sequencia de testes da IOBC/WPRS (Hassan & Abdelgader, 2001) para Trichogramma, os inseticidas Dipterex 500, Sumithion 500 CE e Tiomet 400 CE, classificados como levemente persistentes (classe 2), nao necessitam prosseguir na sequencia de testes.
For each period covered--from pre-history to 500 CE and from then up to 1500--Nystrom (Kennesaw State U.