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Synonyms for 500

the cardinal number that is the product of one hundred and five

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denoting a quantity consisting of 500 items or units

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Advertising Age magazine included four Arkansas companies among the top 500 ad agencies in the U.S.
The 2012 Fiat 500 ad is dynamic but not directly expressive.
"Waikiki Tiki: Art, History, and Photographs" is a historical view of the Tiki, its place in Hawaiian culture and its long delve into its unique culture and history, mostly isolated from the world for over a thousand years since its first settlers appeared in 500 AD. "Waikiki Tiki" is presented in full color with plenty of photos and artworks spread all throughout, enthusiastically recommended.
The father attended Yale University and received a doctorate in neo-Aramaic languages, becoming the world's foremost authority on the language that Jesus spoke and the language of the Jewish Talmud, written between 200 and 500 AD.
Both were built for ceremonial purposes by the Moche around 500 AD and the one open for public viewing, the Huaca de la Luna, is revelatory.
Archaeologists examining the remains of the Nasca, who once flourished in the valleys of south coastal Peru, discovered a sequence of human-induced events which led to their "catastrophic" collapse around 500 AD.
According to a report in the Telegraph, a team of archeologists discovered a sequence of human-induced events which led to the "catastrophic" collapse of the Nazca around 500 AD.
In Reeve's dark reimagining, set in post-Roman Britain around 500 AD, when belief in the old gods vies with Christianity, Arthur is a marauding warlord, a crude thug.
Its scale has raised some controversy in the territory, after it was discovered through a national audit body investigation that Channel i gave more than 500 ad minutes to support its "Turkish Gambit." Western studio players admit that foreign product just can't match such levels of promotion on the commercial front.
Moon's journey on the great river is presented in specific, dated events: 500 AD'S victory celebration; 1190 AD'S departure of Saladin to fight the invading Christians; 1850 BC'S building of a Nubian fort; etc.
For it was here that King Yehoikan built the first synagogue; here that Jews adopted the distinctive Ashuri (Assyrian) square Hebrew characters; and here, between 200 and 500 AD, that at the yarchei kallah--assembly of sages--compiled the Babylonian Talmud.
These included a Mayan flint spearhead dating about 500 AD and patent medicine bottles for |swamp fever' dating from 1890.
Over 200 artificial and photographs from the collections of the world-famous Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino in Santiago illuminate the story of the Mapuche, from their origins (500 AD) through their fierce struggles to maintain their independence and ethnic identity, first against the Inca and later the Spanish conquistadores, to contemporary dilemmas within today's dominant Chilean society.
TODAY many Welsh people celebrate the life and work of Saint Illtud, founder (around the year 500 AD) of the first higher education institution in the British Isles.