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Compared to the classic single-stack Model 1911 s grip circumference of 5.25 inches, the XDM doesn't feel a whole lot wider.
Eugene has had 1.7 inches of rainfall so far in 2009, compared to a historical average of 5.25 inches from Jan.
The carts, which are 4 feet by 4 feet wide when open, fold down to a mere 5.25 inches across for easy storage.
Each of the subsequent architectural generations was associated with a reduction in size within the Winchester paradigm--from 14 to 8 inches in 1978; from 8 to 5.25 inches in 1980; to 3.5 inches in 1985; and to 2.5 inches in 1989.
Weighing in at just 12.2 ounces unloaded and measuring 5.25 inches long, the RM380 is easily concealed on the body or in a purse holster.
The statewide average rainfall was 5.25 inches, 1.66 inches above normal, according to Illinois State Climatologist Jim Angel of the Illinois State Water Survey at the University of Illinois.
Versions of the holster can accommodate full-sized 1911s while smaller models like the Trump Card Mini are designed for handguns less than 5.25 inches in length.
Samsung increased the screen size of Galaxy Grand 2 to 5.25 inches capacitive touch screen while Grand Duos has a 5 inches capacitive touch screen.
The CT4543 has a barrel length of 4.04 inches, overall length of 6.57 inches, height of 5.25 inches and a slide width of 1.01 inches.