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a stringed instrument of the guitar family that has long neck and circular body

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While these traditions slowly faded as musical styles changed, there are several films available that document some of the 5-string banjo players.
"A wonderful feature of the 5-string banjo is that it is tuned to a 'G' chord, which means you can produce music by just brushing a finger across the strings, then using just one finger on the opposite hand, you can play music.
In 2009, Martin won his first music-based Grammy Award for his Bluegrass album, 'Ike Crow: New Songs for the 5-String Banjo. Martin says he put the record together after realizing he "had four songs, maybe five, and thought that might be enough for an album."
Texas Lightning are made up of: Jane Comerford, (lead vocals and ukulele)' Ollie Dittrich, (drums and harmony vocals)' Johnny Olsen, (lead vocals and acoustic guitar)' Markus Schmidt, (electric guitar and 5-string banjo and Uwe Frenzel, (doublebass and harmony vocals).
The Chain Gang in its current incarnation has played together since last November, and comprises: Richard Heath, vocals, mandolin; Gary Edwards, guitar, vocals; Stewart Johnson, 5-string banjo; Howard Gregory, fiddle; and Busby Bywater, bass and fiddle.