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Effect of LPS injection on concentration of 5-HT and 5-HIAA in the pineal gland
The first direct evidence of the involvement of 5-HT in modulating fatigue was provided by studies that observed increases in TRP concentrations in both the plasma and brain, accompanied by increased 5-HT concentrations in the brain of rats subjected to moderate intensity exercise (24,25).
Rats were then sacrificed, and the levels of serum 5-HT, platelet 5-HT, 5-HT[sub]2AR, and SERT were detected.
Elevated brain TRP and enhanced 5-HT turnover in acute hepatic haem deficiency: clinical implications.
The collection of consecutive 20 min dialysate samples for the determination of basal values of DA and 5-HT began after equilibration for a period of 2-3 h.
Such studies demonstrate that the old dogma of 5-HT and NE deficiency might not be a valid overarching hypothesis of the depression syndrome.
Components of the 5-HT system may provide novel targets for the development of pharmacological treatments for psychostimulant dependence is associated with significant aberrations in DA neurotransmission (Bubar and Cunningham, 2008).
To date, few studies have investigated the relationship between the serotonergic system and fatigue by administering paroxetine, which is a pharmacological tool that increases the extracellular concentrations of 5-HT.
More recent work has applied histological techniques to sectioned material, and axons in the pedal sole have been reported to contain both 5-HT and catecholamines (Rogers, 1969; Faccioni-Heuser et al.
5] The drug inhibits the pre-synaptic reuptake of 5-HT and NE at Onuf's nucleus in the sacral spinal cord.
In the visceral ganglion, GABA and DA, and GABA and 5-HT were colocalized in the same cell types.
Keywords: Tryptophan, 5-HT, Diabetes, Memory Impairment.
Evidences supporting the role of 5-HT in the physiopathology of GAD include the anxiogeniclike effect of selective 5-HT reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)--as fluoxetin--in early treatment for depression in human clinics.