four-wheel drive

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Synonyms for four-wheel drive

a motor vehicle with a four-wheel drive transmission system

a transmission that provides power directly to all four wheels of a motor vehicle

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All of its current 4x4 models come equipped with all-wheel-drive technology based on the latest generation of the electronically controlled multi-plate clutch.
We worked together with Huawei to develop this FDD full-band 4x4 MIMO antenna, which helps us better address antenna deployment issues and paves the way for 5G.
The Land Rover 4x4 in the Schools World Finals take place on December 10 and 11 at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi.
The opening of the OffSCAPE 4x4 off-roading track underscores Markazia Toyota's ongoing efforts to foster relationships with Toyota owners.
For more information please contact the Morris 4x4 Center headquarters in Pompano Beach, FL at (954) 941-7807.
access point, and; the EWS871AP 11ac Wave 2 4x4 outdoor access point with
The difference is more marked still with the top spec car on test, where there's a PS1,500 walk to the 4x4, although you do get more kit for the money.
e slightly increased ride height might give you a clue that this is no ordinary Swift but, other than that, the Swift 4x4 is extremely discreet.
The 4x4 uses the same "Portal" axles as the 6x6 but obviously one less.
FIVE people had a miraculous escape after a 4x4 car rolled over and demolished a set of traffic lights in Leamington Spa.
The new "4X4 Experience " occupies an area of 25,000 square meters, consisting of an integrated display area for Toyota 4X4 vehicles and a circuit dedicated to driving and endurance tests on various types of simulated road and driving conditions.
4x4 Magazine, an automotive magazine, has recognised the Jeep Wrangler with the 4x4 of the Year award.
THERE is something pretty reassuring about driving a 4x4 in winter, or at least a vehicle with the sort of enhanced grip that makes the difference between becoming stranded by the roadside or reaching your destination with minimum drama.
The current Jimny was launched way back in 1998, but with further engine advances since remains the magical, mini 4x4 workhorse that it is today.
Kanoo, the distributor of Toyota and Lexus in Bahrain, has announced a new service offer on all Toyota and Lexus 4x4 models.