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journalists and journalism in general

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the press, including journalists, newspaper writers, photographers

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4th Estate collects and processes news articles from top news portals in India and displays them in a readable manner.
4th Estate stands tall in the myriad of news aggregators, readers with its clean, no frills, and easily useable interface.
The 4th Estate App can be downloaded from Google Play Store.
Until recently, the Army and Navy maintained multiple regions, and within the 4th Estate, multiple components could be housed in one region.
The business intelligence tools within the AT&L Workforce DataMart provide stakeholders such as the military services, 4th Estate career managers, the functional integrated process teams, and the DoD human capital planners with the capability to run reports to conduct analysis and make strategic decisions regarding the workforce.
FICTION RESERVOIR 13 by Jon McGregor, 4th Estate, PS14.
This year's Defense-Wide Service Day at the Professional Development Institute saw record breaking attendance with nearly 700 attendees from the many defense agencies and field activities, commonly referred to as the 4th Estate.
The Honorable Michael McCord, Under Secretary of Defense Comptroller/Chief Financial Officer, kicked off the day with opening remarks congratulating the 4th Estate on its recent accomplishments and providing a political and congressional outlook for the next year.
ey are known as the 4th Estate but generally as newspaper publishers.
Citing President U Thein Sein, U Kyaw Hsan urged giving serious attention to the print media, claimed as the 4th estate, as well as constructive criticism of the press, stressing the need to transform state media into the values of public service media to meet three objectives, namely to inform policies and stances and implementation of the government; to publish opinions, wish, aspiration and feedback of the people in response to the action of the government; and to make constructive criticism in this regard.
The drafted law is said not inferior to international standard and those of ASEAN legislation and not to curtail freedom of literary world and journalists and press freedom but to shape dignified and genuine 4th estate.
Rating FICTION The Portable Veblen by Elizabeth McKenzie Publisher: 4th Estate.
SUMMER 2004 DISCOVER GREAT NEW WRITERS SELECTIONS Title Author Genre Publisher Red House Sarah Messer Biography Viking The Circus in Winter Cathy Day Fiction Harcourt Colors Insulting to Nature Cintra Wilson Fiction 4th Estate Father's Day Philip Galanes Fiction Knopf St.
A division of News Corporation, HarperCollins UK has just added publishing house 4th Estate to its list of prestigious imprints.