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the fourth coordinate that is required (along with three spatial dimensions) to specify a physical event


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International Symposium on Conceptions of Time, Space and Movement in Art, titled as 'Art and the 4th Dimension', will be held on January 8-9, 2019 in Tehran University College of Fine Arts, located in Iran's capital city of Tehran.
90% of respondents believed that rude customer indecency employees, 82% of respondents as a component of employee engagement and customer velitation as 4th dimension has been linked to the amount of the relevant situation.
Whoever designed JLS' new 4th Dimension tour perhaps deserves the most credit of all, because this was a true arena spectacular in every sense.
We have ten pairs of tickets to give away to see JLS perform their 4th Dimension Tour at the Birmingham LG Arena on Tuesday April 17.
SCREAMING fans stepped into the "4th dimension" as Aston, Ortise, JB, and Marvin - better known as boyband JLS - brought their tour to Newcastle's Metro Radio Arena.
JLS hit Scotland next week with their 4th Dimension Tour and we are giving you the chance to meet the band at their after show party.
In what is becoming a happy habit for city pop fans Liverpool audiences are the first to see the 4th Dimension arena tour (according to fan favourite Aston it's because we've "got the fittest women".).
The South Wales Echo is offering one lucky winner and a guest a very special opportunity to see the band prepare for their 4th Dimension show, their biggest and most spectacular yet, by attending the rehearsal before the show and a pair of tickets to the performance later in the evening.
my knowledge and fascination of dimensions: flatlanders in 2d, and us in 3d, and the scope of each individual's life is 4d, the span of birth to death, not linearly, but as one indiscriminately fashioned space, nothing separate, with the 4-year-old self being the same self at 92, then that same 4-year-old self melding into whatever instance in life want had been felt the most excruciatingly--much like a bead of water, the 4th dimension, then, the contemplation of infinity occurring in language, infinite infinities, because, if you think about it, each number can have a subset of numbers running to infinity, and you can have more than one infinity simply by separating evens from odds, there, two sets of infinity.
DailyPreview JLS: NEC LG Arena JLS are bringing the 4th Dimension to the NEC's LG Arena.
Four of the five are still in their possession, with the fifth, the miraculous Painterly Realism of a football Player-Color Masses in the 4th Dimension. 1915, recently acquired by the Art Institute of Chicago ("thrilling news," as Mr.
Logan - S&S WORLDWIDE repudiates a news report out of Dongguan, China regarding the 4th Dimension roller coaster to be installed in Changzhou, China this year.
MUSIC John McLaughlin & the 4th Dimension, Philharmonic Hall, 0151 709 3789.
Mumbai, Jan 4 (ANI): Produced under the banner of 4th Dimension Film and directed by Andalib Majrooh Sultanpuri, shooting of Bollywood film Downtown started.