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a digital tape recording of sound

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Although the tooth-friendly logo appears on the pack, Supastrip(r)Impact reinforces the message on-shelf and at point-of-opening: the 4mm tape is in red text on a yellow background.
The 4mm tape drives are excellent backup solutions for workgroups and servers, although they are much slower than today's DLT tapes.
designs, manufactures and markets 8mm tape drives; 8mm, DLT(TM) and 4mm tape libraries; and recording media.
Marketed under ADIC and ADIC/GRAU brands and the brands of OEM partners, including Dell, Fujitsu Siemens, IBM, Exabyte and Unisys, the Company's automated tape libraries are available with DLTtape, AIT, D2, half-inch, and 4mm tape technologies, and are supported by leading backup and storage management software products for Windows NT, UNIX, and mainframe operating systems.
Its performance specs are very close to those of DLT, but it's priced in a much lower range--about where 4mm tape is.