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Synonyms for 4WD

a motor vehicle with a four-wheel drive transmission system

a transmission that provides power directly to all four wheels of a motor vehicle

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It's nicely built, efficient to run and quite capable in 4WD form of getting everywhere any ordinary family driver might want to go.
SHOWTIME: Suzuki's compact 4WD vehicle the X-Lander is based on the Suzuki Jimny
Makoto Arimoto, RAV4's chief engineer at Toyota, said: "We have achieved a sportier driving experience characteristic of a 4WD vehicle while enhancing the agile handling performance that is highly regarded in the current model.
During another of those nine short court appearances, the police produced witnesses to the alleged accident, a married couple, who were allegedly following Sam's 4WD in their car on the night in question and who saw the 4WD hit the victim then drive over his legs, Sam stopping to get out and glance back, then hurriedly drive off.
It was shown off last weekend at the 19th International 4WD and SUV Motor Show in Val d'Isre.
Contract awarded for One (1) Unit Surplus 4WD Vehicle for the use in the Dawis Community Primary Hospital, Province of Negros Oriental (Bid No.
8172712, which covers the power transfer unit and associated components that contribute to no-compromise 4WD performance in a vehicle with a transverse engine and front-wheel-drive architecture.
Auto Business News-April 29, 2013--Australian 4WD Action Magazine honours Isuzu D-MAX(C)1994-2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
From Daihatsu comes the Terios, which is just about the least expensive 4WD vehicle that money can buy, despite its off-road capabilities.
In fact, 4WD is available in the Sorento in either a part-time or a full-time torque-on-demand format.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of six new 4WD vehicles.
Eric von Schledorn is home to three new Ford SUVs available with 4WD capabilities.
Auto Business News-December 6, 2012--Renault adds turbo diesel version to Privilege 4WD Koleos(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
The Suzuki model will be called the SX4 and will be like a 4WD version of the Swift five-door hatchback.
The 2002 line-up now consists of the 2WD and 4WD Single Cab Pick-Up, L200 Double Cab GL 2.