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Synonyms for 4WD

a motor vehicle with a four-wheel drive transmission system

a transmission that provides power directly to all four wheels of a motor vehicle

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This has been achieved partly due to losing 4WD, the adoption of stop-start ignition and a few engine management tweaks.
The European version of the model that went on sale in Japan in March this year, Lancer Evolution IX is a high-performance 4WD sports sedan that features the critically acclaimed 2-liter MIVEC*1 engine with turbocharger/intercooler and Mitsubishi's ACD*2+Super AYC*3+Sports ABS*4 electronically controlled all-wheel control system.
According to the complaint to be filed at the Tokyo District Court, Mika Hanaoka, 27, and her husband Hiroki, 28, died when their 4WD collided with a dump truck in the town of Tobu, Nagano Prefecture, May 15, 2002.
What this means is that Quigley 4WD vans can be serviced by almost any automotive repair shop.
Jeep's chief engineer Roy Lunn orchestrated 4WD's next leap ahead when he joined an AMO Concord body with a reconstituted Jeep driveline.
Volunteers at this year's event included the Fresno Search and Rescue Mountaineering Team and nine San Joaquin Valley (Calif.) 4WD clubs.
.952380952381 It seems like we're getting The Dyipne Mini 4WD and the country will be hosting the Tamiya Mini 4WD Asia Challenge later this montha@cvhaoson #tamiyadyipne #dyipne #brickyarddyipne #brickyardmediaday2019 pic.
What makes it more attractive is that customers can avail a low EMI rate (terms and conditions apply) of RO83 for Grand Tiger TUV double cab pickup (4WD).
The M5's xDrive system will offer three modes named 4WD, 4WD Sport, and 2WD, respectively.
If you want auto transmission or the higher output 185PS diesel and 177PS petrol engines, you'll have to pay for 4WD. All this means it's quite possible to spend well over PS30,000 on your Tucson.
Police officials said the deceased was speeding on the road towards Wadi Al Helow to reach Kalba city when his 4WD car suddenly swerved.
So some of the latest generation SUVs and 'crossover' are dumping 4WD in an effort to cut prices and save weight, thereby aiding economy.
Am I doing something wrong, or am I using 4WD when I shouldn't be?
But for the families of the five deceased whose four-wheel drive vehicle (4WD) fell into a ravine on their way back from Jebel Akhdar during the last Eid holidays in October, it will now for ever remain a time for mourning.