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the ratio of the width to the height of a tv picture

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With 4K resolution (Ultra HD), this PTZ offers sharp, highly-detailed image quality video, with 4X the detail of 1080p, delivering excellent clarity.
The 55-inch TV from LG brings with it a 4K resolution with support for Active HDR.
Audio experience elevated to perfection, Rich color-contrast, 4K resolution, smooth motion, and slim design makes this 930 series LED TV a perfect blend of Entertainment, Art and Technology.
At around 20 times faster than 4G and with ultra-low latency, 5G technology will enable users to stream live 4K resolution video anywhere at any time, with virtually no lag
As well as including higher quality textures, the game will support 4k resolution and increase the number of multiplayers from four to six.
These new high-brightness projectors have a native 4K resolution for unsurpassed image details for graphics design, CAD drawings and Digital Cinema Quality Video.
The Rylo comes from the minds of former Apple and Instagram engineers who created a compact camera that uses two 208-degree wide-angle lenses to film in spherical 360-degree 4K resolution. The associated app lets users convert video into traditional 1080p HD, which allows "shoot first, point later" functionality so users can select which areas to focus on once filming is completed.
A true cinematic marvel, W1700 budget-friendly projector comes fully-loaded with 8.3 million-pixel true UHD 4K resolution, CinematicColoracents accuracy, and projection-optimized HDR for stunning true-to-life image quality.
The W1700 budget-friendly projector comes fully-loaded with 8.3 million-pixel true UHD 4K resolution, CinematicColor accuracy, and projection-optimized HDR for true-to-life image quality, a statement said.
Its sister product, the Draco ultra Dual-Link KVM extender, allows users to transmit DVI signals to a single monitor up to 4K resolution. Extension of signals requires a single data cable.
Bosses also showcased a new mobile signal enabled Apple Watch and a 4K resolution Apple TV device.
The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, featuring glass rears and wireless charging for the first time were also announced, alongside a mobile signal enabled Apple Watch and a 4K resolution supporting Apple TV.
Initially projected to be released at the latter part of the year, a 4K resolution version of the hit sci-fi strategic game was teased by Blizzard Entertainment through an online ad titled 'We Are Under Attack!'
Our new wireless reference design combining 60 GHz technology with our HDMI video bridge device enables the robust distribution of high-quality video content in 4K resolution without the inconvenience of cables.