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a small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time

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Both RU 486 and methotrexate are supposed to have an "effectiveness" rate of between 92-96% when the woman is seven weeks pregnant or less.
The chip will fit in most '486 systems' 237- or 238-pin processor sockets and will upgrade both 33MHz and 66MHz systems.
b) RU 486 In Combination With Misoprostol Presents Separate Risks And Safety Concerns
The difference was that Kessler had stated the company's intent to turn over US rights to RU 486 to the Population Council, but a formal contract had yet to be signed.
The realities associated with the use of RU 486 belie any such suggestion.
The 32-bit EISA architecture used throughout the Zenith Data Systems 486 family provides the most powerful data paths available today while ensuring backward compatibility with 8- and 16-bit peripherals.
A bill is pending in the Minnesota legislature that would appropriate money for use of RU 486 in family planning and for the treatment of disease.
Not so for the three massive sunspots that appeared late last October and were dubbed 484, 486, and 488 by scientists who track such blotches and their activity.
Interested teams are invited to attend a league meeting on Thursday, November 20,at the Noah's Ark pub in Speke (7.30 pm) and further details can be obtained by phoning 486 1284 or 486 9714.
Launching a full-blown media offensive, representatives of major pro-abortion groups are vigorously protesting that safety precautions, said to be recently proposed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), are too onerous and will, if adopted, inhibit women's access to the abortifacient RU 486.
Vendors provide multiple CPU chip upgrade paths including 286 to 486,386 to 486, and single speed to double speed 486s.
DALLAS--If Pentium represents the present processor technology and P6 the future, is the 486 processor already obsolete?
It was no surprise that the 486 computer had made inroads in both CPA firms and in industry.
The controls family consists of the VSx (386-type) and brand-new CAMAC 486 (monochrome) and CAMAC 486 Plus (color) systems.