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being eight more than forty

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TVS Sports.Com is one of 48 ad supported IPTV channels on the TV4U.Com Video Portal.
A second study is designed to determine whether sleep can be improved in 48 AD patients residing in adult family homes by using behavioral methods (sleep education program) alone and applying the all-important ABC approach.
7 Each of the 48 ad spots for the three-hour telecast has been sold, at an average of pounds 1m per 30-second ad.
But for all this effort, the constructors of the defences on Midsummer Hill and British Camp could not defend their hills and their lifestyle against the invader who arrived in 48 AD. When Ostorius Scapula led his Roman legions against the tribes of the western Midlands, he had an army which was used to dealing with Celts and adept at putting paid to hill forts.
Of the 48 ads in our sample, 31 (two thirds) conveyed no image or idea of retirement in text or illustrations.