440 yards

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a unit of length equal to a quarter of 1 mile

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Bartonjo Rotich won Kenya's first international medal when he came third in the 440 yards at the British Empire Games in Cardiff in 1958.
He was a versatile athlete and competed with great success at distances from 440 yards on the track to nine miles cross-country.
Watson 17th (Nandina), 440 yards, par four: The famous Eisenhower Tree has been removed after storm damage, so an easier tee shot.
Milkha had already become a name for himself and was considered the man to beat, but the Indian finished fourth in the 440 yards.
The proposed site is less than a mile inland from the shore of Lake Huron and about 440 yards below the lake level.
It started me on a lifetime search for a "40-acre whitetail rifle," a rifle (and a load) that could accurately reach out to 440 yards and reliably anchor a standing animal at that distance.
The bull is at 440 yards across a deep, timber-filled Western canyon.
16 (swim 440 yards [0.25 mile], bike 10 miles, run 3.1 miles [5K].) All events will take place on Captiva Island.
As part of a reconfiguration of the track announced on Wednesday, the distance from the last fence to the winning post has been nearly halved, from 440 yards to just over a furlong.
Juste, Jon Davies, Jay Berry and Roger Blaikie all saw time on the offensive line and helped produce 440 yards of total offense.
In 1946 she was British champion at the 100 yards, 220 yards and 440 yards freestyle distances.
The 32nd came completely unexpectedly in the women s 4x400 on the last night of athletics, Mandeep Kaur taking the baton home to clinch India s first track title since Milkha Singh s 440 yards gold at what was then the Empire and Comonwealth Games in Cardiff in 1958.
He won Gold at the British Empire Games in London in 1934, in the 440 yards and 4x440 yards relay, and two years later was in Berlin for the Olympics.
"We went through 440 yards in 60 seconds, 880 yards in two minutes and, after he stepped aside with just over a lap to go, I went through the bell in three minutes exactly.