440 yards

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a unit of length equal to a quarter of 1 mile

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17th (Nandina), 440 yards, par four: The famous Eisenhower Tree has been removed after suffering storm damage, making for an easier tee shot.
Regardless of how accurate a rifle I had, if the cartridge wouldn't deliver the same killing power at 440 yards as a "conventional" deer cartridge like a .
Community support is equally important, however, because small shops draw 60% of their custom from people living within 440 yards of the outlet (Convenience Store, 2007).
We went through 440 yards in 60 seconds, 880 yards in two minutes and, after he stepped aside with just over a lap to go, I went through the bell in three minutes exactly.
Clausen, who went into the game needing 440 yards to break California's career record, simply wasn't himself, especially in the first half, by which time Oaks Christian usually has most victories well in hand.
The hill is 440 Yards long and goes from a 1 in 10 to a 1 in 11/2 then 1 in 3.
Accuracies of [+ or -] one-half yard, at distances from 11 to 440 yards, are common.
6 /PRNewswire/ -- After leading Notre Dame to an impressive win over in-state rival Purdue with 440 yards passing and three touchdowns, junior quarterback Brady Quinn helped the Fighting Irish move back up in the polls.
A 5mph speed limit will be enforced within 440 yards of the shore.
Some 17 athletes faced the starter and Buckingham latched on to the pacemaker from the start, running the first 440 yards in 64.
Among others competing at the event were Arthur Wint and Herb McKinley, Jamaican 440 yards runners who had also figured prominently in the 1945 Olympics.
In a British 440 yards final in 1923, he was knocked off the track at the start of the race by another runner.
In my book, Tiger Woods is a contender who has run only 440 yards.
The workout includes running 6 x 440 yards (six 440-yard sprints with rest between sprints).