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being three more than forty

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The 18-acre settlement, which contains rare coins, pottery and jewellery, dates back as early as 43 AD.
Romans invaded Britain in 43 AD and remained for almost 400 years.
The Iron Age camp at Wappenbury, remains of which still can be seen, was probably built shortly before the Roman invasion of 43 AD. The main Roman routes through the county are the Fosse Way, Watling Street and Ryknield Street.
The ruins of Richborough Castle mark the point where the Romans landed in their invasion of Britain in 43 AD.
Table II shows that 12 of 43 AD patients (28%) had one first-degree relative with dementia, as compared with 13 of 48 controls (27%).
400/300 BC to the Roman conquest of 43 AD) Britain as well as, for comparative purposes, Ireland, northern France, the Low Countries, Denmark, and Germany in the same time period.
The test results suggest it belonged to a middle-aged man who lived during the Iron Age, which covers the period 750 BC to 43 AD, when the Romans invaded parts of the British Isles.
The invasion directed by the Roman emperor, Claudius, in 43 AD was one of the most comprehensive and bloodless in military history.
SKY and Amazon US have combined to go back in time for a new original drama series, Britannia, set in 43 AD.
When I asked a Frenchman selling onions and garlic at a Christmas market in South Wales why his were so much better than mine, he gave a Gallic shrug, looked at the leaden skies and pointed HOME TRUTHS The garlic then spread to Egypt, finally to the Romans who took the good life with them when they invaded Britain in 43 AD. They set out to make inhospitable Britain a home away from Rome, and had no intention either of leaving the island or living like the native Britons.
When Claudius stepped off the boat in 43 AD and said 'Let's conquer Britain', they started building roads and the road outside our site here is the original Watling Street.
An 18-acre settlement containing rare coins, pottery and jewellery dating back as early as 43 AD has been uncovered next to a motorway in Newington, Kent.