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a lager of high alcohol content


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40oz recipe Milk 171/2oz Karilac 3 level tablespoons Boiling water 221/2 ounces.
The green-fingered grower - a retired chartered surveyor - has previously held the world record for the largest spud, after producing an 8lbs 40oz monster.
Melvaine describes a shaft on the eastern side of the creek (Frasers Find) and also on the western side, "On the western side of the creek another shaft is reputed to have returned assays of 4oz gold and 40oz silver to the ton in a stockwork several feet wide but I suspect unreliable picked samples were assayed.
Beth, 71, who used 40oz of hair per sweater, said: "Some people think it's disgusting but it seems normal to us.
"She said: "It takes about 30oz to make a jumper, but you would need 40oz at the start as you lose some in the spinning.
Holly weighed in at 6lbs 40oz and Ryan was 4 lbs, 2.5oz.
Police said they had seized two-and-a-half kilograms of amphetamines, 40oz of cannabis, 200 ecstasy tablets, cocaine, Viagra and cash.
Proof, taking the lead, opened with Git Up followed by 40oz.
He coughs, and reaches for a 40oz brown bagged beer bottle.
And if you're feeling crazy hungry, you could try the 'Big Bertha' burger - a 40oz whopper made up of five 8oz burgers topped with cheese and pickle.
FOR THE SPONGE: 125g diced stem ginger in syrup The juice of 1/2 a lemon 150g softened unsalted butter, plus a little extra to grease 150g unrefined light muscovado sugar Pinch of Maldon salt 2 free-range eggs, beaten 150g self-raising flour, sifted 2 tsp ground ginger Approx 250ml full-cream milk FOR THE CUSTARD: 400ml full-cream milk 200ml double cream 3 tablespoons unrefined golden caster sugar 6 large free-range egg yolks 1 vanilla pod 2 tablespoons whisky 1 tablespoon Stones' Ginger Wine EXTRAS: 900ml / 40oz pudding basin Greaseproof paper and foil Steamer pan METHOD: Butter the pudding basin generously and spoon the ginger and syrup into the bottom.