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a circuit in a computer that fires only when all of its inputs fire


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The Ohms function in the 4081 forces a current through the unknown resistance and measures the resulting voltage drop across it.
4041 and 4081, as well as procedures for claiming credits, refunds, and payments related to the taxes.
Lupolen GX 4081 is produced using LyondellBasell's Spherilene gas phase process and has a melt flow rate of 1.4 g/10min and a density of 0.935 g/[cm.sup.3].
For more information call Meena Upadhyaya on 029 2074 4081 or e-mail
Following the record fines imposed, on 10 November, on 11 airlines found guilty of operating a price-fixing cartel relating to fuel and security surcharges for cargo transport, four members of the European Parliament have submitted a written question to the European Commission (see Europolitics 4081).
For more information, contact Lovell on 029 2081 4081.
For more information, call 024 7636 4081 or visit
4081, generally on their removal from a terminal at the end of a refinery/ pipeline/terminal system, and aviation fuel is taxed under Sec.
For more information, contact the Lovell sales hotline on 029 2081 4081 or selling agents Peter Alan on 029 20 70 3799.
4081 Federal excise tax on gasoline is imposed when gasoline is removed from a "terminal rack" - the end-point of a refinery/pipeline/tankfarm system.
For tickets or further information, ring Prof Upadahyaya or Dr Gill Spurlock on 029 2074 4084 or 029 2074 4081.
For more information contact the sales office at The Chase on 01639 823 538 or contact the Sales Hotline on 029 2081 4081.
For more details contact the sales office on 029 2067 9966 or the Lovell Hot Line on 029 2081 4081.