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gate for exclusive OR

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4030, will help foster innovative care practices and make it easier for front-line caregivers to provide quality care to residents, and it will also cut through much of the bureaucratic red tape that is so demoralizing for professionals in this field and so counterproductive to serving residents.
The dedicated, carrier-grade Infoblox 4030 DNS Caching Appliance can achieve more than one million DNS queries per second; this is more than 25 times the performance of most legacy solutions.
And, DNS technology built into the new Infoblox 4030 delivers protection against:
With built-in detailed reporting and blacklisting capabilities, the 4030 systems also automate early detection of certain attacks and disable URLs of attacking servers.
Forward-looking statements may relate to, but are not limited to the benefits to be realized by customers from the use of our 4030 appliance and the expected performance metrics of the 4030 appliance.
Since the FPi 4030 uses three multi-functional Flexfeeders it can accommodate any size document from any station, minimizing workers' intervention.
At the same time, the FPi 4030 ensures the integrity and accuracy of mail with the use of Double Document Detection (DDD) and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR).
An optional feature available on the FPi 4030 is the high volume Maxifeeder.
The VIPswitch 4030 has 40x10 Mbps QoS ports and 3x100 Mbps QoS ports.
The VIPswitch 4030, VIPswitch 3530 and the VIPswitch 2840 provide the key infrastructure piece in the deployment of Multimedia, CTI, VoIP or desktop videoconferencing collaborative tools throughout the enterprise.
VIPswitch 160, VIPswitch 360, VIPswitch 1600, VIPswitch QoS LAN/WAN IP Switch, VIPswitch 2840, VIPswitch 3530 and the VIPswitch 4030 are proprietary trademarks of VIPswitch.
Libit Signal Processing is leading the way with their LBT 4030, and other MCNS-compliant products.
Earlier this year Libit unveiled the LBT 4030, a highly-programmable chip for high-speed, two-way data transfer at the subscriber end of hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) cable networks which includes a complete downstream and upstream physical layer.
The board-level prototype of the LBT 4040 includes the LBT 4030 and MAC FPGAs.