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being one hundred more than three hundred

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Spread out a blanket and look out at the many boats in the harbor between Isle Saint-Marguerite and Ile Saint-Honorat further south, which has a monastery that dates back to around 400 AD.
The date of these writings is in considerable doubt, and ranges, according to different authorities, from 800 BC to 400 AD. Included in these manuscripts are the splinting of fractures, treatment of fistula, the surgery of cataract, cutting for bladder stone by the perineal approach, descriptions of sophisticated surgical instruments, and also an elegant technique for replacement of the destroyed nose;
After 400 AD, many monasteries were constructed generally including accommodations for travelers, the poor, and the sick.
It was in Ireland, and then around 300 or 400 AD was when it first came to Scotland.
The city reached its political peak around 400 AD and was abandoned some four centuries later.
She was a member of the Cavendish Club, sang in the light opera, and enjoyed crocheting, knitting and family genealogy, having been able to trace her family (Supernor) back to 400 AD in France to the Charlemagne name.
400 ad) to Plato's Timaeus"; Irene Caiazzo, "Mains celebres dans les marges des Commentarii in Somnium Scipionis de Macrobe"; Marilyn Nicoud, "Les marginalia dans les manuscrits latins des Dietes dlsaac Israeli conserves a Paris"; Dietrich Lohrmann, "Les marges dans les manuscrits d'ingenieurs"; Robert Goulding, "Polemic in the Margin: Henry Savile against Joseph Scaliger's Quadrature of the Circle"; and Adolfo Tura, "Essai sur les marginalia en tant que pratique et documents."
David agreed to take out a pounds 400 ad in the charity's magazine Smile, unaware the salesman actually worked for Jones's Premier Publishing.
Late Roman soldiers and their families will be taking Vindolanda fort in Northumberland back to 400 AD on Saturday and Sunday.
Over the course of the next four years he will produce programmes profiling every monarch from the year 400 AD to the present day.
Not only Kapilvastu but all the Buddhist sites for pilgrimage have been discovered only very recently Starting from the discovery of the Asokan pillar in Lumbini and then the historical and archaeological study based heavily on the records of the Chinese monks Fa Hien 400 AD. and 635 AD.
It all began, says Ackroyd, with the Anglo Saxons who invaded England after the Roman departure around 400 AD. Characteristics of Anglo Saxon language (love of alliteration), thought (empirical and practical rather than abstract), art (fondness for miniatures, for intricate tracery and the decorative), history (the antiquarian fascination), superstitions (ghosts, spirits and horror stories), psychology (the melancholic streak combined with embarrassment, self-mockery and understatement), weather (chilly, damp mists and fogs) and above all attachment to the landscape of England itself--all have resurfaced at different moments in English history and persist, maintains Ackroyd, to the present day.
How did Celts from Earth come to be on this planet in 400 AD?