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being one hundred more than three hundred

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Another tomb, discovered by archaeologists Michelle Rich and Jennifer Piehl in 2005, tells the story of two women from an earlier part of Waka's history, dating back to between 350 and 400 AD.
She was a member of the Cavendish Club, sang in the light opera, and enjoyed crocheting, knitting and family genealogy, having been able to trace her family (Supernor) back to 400 AD in France to the Charlemagne name.
Late Roman soldiers and their families will be taking Vindolanda fort in Northumberland back to 400 AD on Saturday and Sunday.
Over the course of the next four years he will produce programmes profiling every monarch from the year 400 AD to the present day.
It all began, says Ackroyd, with the Anglo Saxons who invaded England after the Roman departure around 400 AD.
Rice In Our Life" reviewed three decades of studies into rice that was sown between 6,000 BC and 400 AD, in the Philippines-from Ifugao to Lucena.
Around 400 AD, St Ninian began the first large-scale Christian mission to Scotland, and now Church of Scotland, which called itself "Reformed and Presbyterian, national but free", has over 500,000 members and around 1,200 ministers.
The Dutch have been producing cheese since before 400 AD.
The large bones date to about 400 AD, just 10 years before Rome itself fell to Visigoth invaders, and tests showed he was mostly vegetarian.
Egypt's Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA), the new Library of Alexandria, was inaugurated in 2002 to recapture the spirit of the ancient Library of Alexandria, a center of world learning from 300 BC to 400 AD.
At just under 400 ads on radio in Des Moines, Carly Fiorina's PAC is leading the pack in political ad buys on local radio stations.
Advertising Standards Bureau data has revealed the industry watchdog has so far adjudicated on almost 400 ads which have drawn complaints from the public in 2012, News.
Last week, we had 400 ads placed, and about a third of them decided to pay for it," he said.