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work done in addition to regular working hours

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However, the 40-hour week could be introduced to suit every trainer, big or small - you just rota your staff like every other industry that works 24/7/52.
A study conducted by the ILO in 2006 revealed that a 40-hour week would result in an increase in productivity.
That is a drop of PS12.89 over the average 40-hour WEEK.
DID anyone really think their one-quid T shirt was being made by happy workers earning a living wage and on a 40-hour week with four weeks holiday a year?
It is evident in an average work week where hands-on time ranges from 18 to 22 hours; however, Brousseau says she works a 40-hour week once assessments are performed, followup questions are answered and the education components are factored in.
The participating companies also pay interns a minimum of $400 per 40-hour week. In addition, mentors are assigned.
She is currently working a 40-hour week in Accident and Emergency at Wansbeck Hospital in Ashington.
Given a 40-hour week, 14 percent of a depressed worker's time is nonproductive.
* The employee must be regularly scheduled to work no less than a 40-hour week.
MUCH has been made about the number of people waiting to become a firefighter on pounds 6+ per hour for a 40-hour week.
They will work a 40-hour week and have 20 days' holiday.
"They have mechanical skills." The current "A" rates for a handiperson's 40-hour week in most buildings is $658.63.
According to Voyager 82% of network managers questioned at a recent user conference work a 50-hour week on average, just under 10% work a 60-hour week while only 10% work a 40-hour week. The study also revealed that 73% of the managers are often called upon to work at weekends and 67% said it was part of their job or they had been asked several times to be on 24-hour call.
The reputedly efficient Germans and great Danes didn't even manage a 40-hour week.
Among professionals, 42 percent are working well in excess of the traditional 40-hour week. But the people who are having the toughest time are those in lower-level jobs.