malt liquor

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a lager of high alcohol content


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packages at a suggested retail price of $7.99 and 40 oz. packages for a suggested retail price of $15.99.
If other beverages are preferred, they recommend these daily limits for adults: unsweetened tea or coffee, up to 40 oz.; low-fat milk and soy beverages, up to 16 oz.; diet soda and other non-caloric sweet drinks, up to 32 oz.; beverages with nutrients, such as juice, up to 8 oz.; Alcoholic beverages, one drink a day for women and two for men (12 oz.
The inflatable tubes are manufactured from 40 oz. polyurethane, heat welded to form seven separate compartments.
For example, malt liquor is often sold in 16, 22 or 40 oz. containers that hold between two and five standard drinks, and table wine is typically sold in 25 oz.
So goes the introduction to Ghettopoly, a board game that looks a lot like Monopoly, except for the game pieces--a pimp, a "hoe," a 40 oz., a machine gun, a marijuana leaf, a basketball and a hunk of crack.
Private label brands are a factor only in the larger size groups - 28 oz and 40 oz. Again this is expected since, in most food categories, private label brands are sold only in large pack sizes.
bottles, cleaned well, or 17 40 oz. screw-cap beer bottles 6-12 Campden tablets 5 ft.
Two home-use models which caught our eye for their innovations were the Thermos Coffee Maker (40 oz.) and the CoffeeTEAM[TM] (50 oz.).
WEIGHT, EMPTY 40 oz. GRIPS Metal grip panels with raised stars FINISH Distressed SIGHTS Three-dot night sights; drift-adjustable rear, dovetailed post front TRIGGER 5.38-lb.
You might as well pour VA cups of sugar into your Styrofoam cup, though you'd need some Red 40 and Blue 1 food dyes and artificial flavors to make it "grape." It's like downing three XL (40 oz.) Fanta Wild Cherry Slurpees at 7-Eleven.
= 2 standard drinks 40 oz. = 3.3 standard drinks Table wine (about 7% alcohol *) 5 oz.