malt liquor

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a lager of high alcohol content


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Lamart's Transfer Tape 1101-60 exhibits minimum 180[degrees] peel and loop tack values of 40 oz.
For example, malt liquor is often sold in 16, 22 or 40 oz.
1 selling album, D12 World, How Come includes the first release of the video to 40 Oz, which is only available through this single.
So goes the introduction to Ghettopoly, a board game that looks a lot like Monopoly, except for the game pieces--a pimp, a "hoe," a 40 oz.
of Anaheim runs 40 oz of Ryton PPS on a 400ton synthetic oil-heated mold that can maintain a consistent mold temperature of 2750F.
Measuring pressure is adjustable from 4 oz to 40 oz for checking threads.
These brand-sizes were sold under four national brand names (Jif, Skippy, Peter Pan, and Reeses) and one store private label brand in 12, 18, 28, and 40 oz sizes.
A motley crew, all drinking 40 oz Budweisers, those sort of modern-day anarchy punks or whoever they are that always seem to have dogs and Amebix patches and Flux of Pink Indians written on their jackets, stuck on the truly astounding Crass records roster of 25 years ago, who were all pretty amazing--Amebix and Flux in particular--but it's a little strange to be so focused on a bunch of squatter-anarcho bands that broke up the year you were born.
Tequila 1 serrano pepper, stem and seeds removed 40 oz.