malt liquor

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a lager of high alcohol content


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Subjects first responded to a fixed-alternative package choice measure which asked them to indicate whether they would: "Purchase the 32 ounce bottle (the smaller size) of ketchup," "Purchase the 40 ounce bottle (the larger size) of ketchup," or "Purchase neither bottle of ketchup.
It'll be 40 ounces of red steak please, bone in, thanks very much.
It is entirely possible that, while he may choose to invest 40 ounces in factors of production yielding him a 19% net income, even so high an additional return of 64% on the next 10 ounces will not induce him to restrict his consumption further.
The men were arrested Friday after Castellanos-Ramos told an undercover Springfield police detective who had posed as a drug dealer that he needed $11,000 to have 40 ounces of black-tar heroin delivered to Springfield, court records show.
5 to 40 ounces per square yard); finishes (heat-treated, waterproofed, weave set, renwet and/or flameproof); coatings (neoprene, vinyl and Teflon[R], and constructions (aluminized on one side for thermal reflection; with brass or stainless steel wire inserts for increased tensile strength).
At Smoothie King, a serving ranges from 20 to 40 ounces.
The older leverdrag reel, at 40 ounces, weighs nearly as much as the other two combined.
In sizes from 12 to 40 ounces, the bottles include a carabiner clip for easy attachment to a belt or backpack.
Or it can heat 40 ounces of water and up to five MREs at the same time.
136 kilos grammes of herbal cannabis, about 40 ounces.
The nutritionists who assembled the study recommended that Americans drink up to 40 ounces of tea and coffee per day, and said that moderate alcohol consumption is fine.
Weighing in at about 40 ounces, the cell is composed of a fuel processor, fuel cell stack, control system, balance-of-power plant and a quick replace cartridge.
Salami (regular) 10 pounds pork 10 pounds chevon (or other red meat) 1-1/2 pounds onions 1 tablespoon powdered garlic 8 ounces salt 4 teaspoons black pepper 4 teaspoons white pepper 40 ounces dry red wine
5kg of amphetamine, 40 ounces of cannabis, 200 Ecstasy tablets, cocaine, Viagra and a quantity of cash.
The 32mm StabilEyes versions are powered by two AA batteries, feature central focus design with adjustable diopters and weigh just under 40 ounces.