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Synonyms for diphenhydramine

antihistamine (trade name Benadryl) used to treat allergic reactions involving the nasal passages (hay fever) and also to treat motion sickness


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For those customers who want to catch 40 winks while they sail across the Irish Sea then there are en-suite cabins on offer.
In fact it's so flexible you can even sleep in it - having a quick 40 winks in the back can make the difference between favouring one model of car over another.
With every little cough, pricked foot or unsubstantiated rumour prompting the new-age punter to leap on to his computer to chase a profit, the markets can be massively different from what you expected when decided to get your 40 winks.
Room temperature, a sleep partner tossing and turning in bed or an uncomfortable mattress can all turn a dream 40 winks into a nightmare night spent watching the clock.
THE photo of Victoria Beckham, apparently grabbing 40 winks with new baby Harper in her arms is lovely but I'm not sure how au naturelle it is.
Cancer sufferer Amanda called me in when Virgin Media refused to move the cover just a few feet to allow her to get 40 winks.
this sleepy pair are Belle and Izzy, they belong to James Hoyland of Hemlington CURLED up for a kip are Toby and Lee Wake, of Middlesbrough AND catching 40 winks is Benji, he belongs to Anthony Beaumont of Middlesbrough WOULD you like to see your pet's picture here in Pets Corner?
Murphy has seen most of the front bench catching 40 winks in the chamber at some time or another.
A stockman finds time for 40 winks while tending his cattle during the show; Texel sheep come under the eye of the judges in the show ring; Here's looking at you: A Longhorne calf from J S & J W Brigg of Warwick
The New Jersey-based 40 Winks Bedding Boutique chain has taken a cue from the romance school of thought and pushed that format beyond most others.
n ONE in four people have fallen asleep at work, grabbing 40 winks in the toilet, during boring meetings or even under a desk.
With one foot over the dashboard and the other over the steering wheel, the 49-year-old Irishman grabbed 40 winks.
TIRED OUT An elf grabs 40 winks at William Strachan Toymaster
Now a new study shows one worker in five snoozes in the afternoon and is more productive after 40 winks.