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Synonyms for 40

the cardinal number that is the product of ten and four


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being ten more than thirty

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Launched over the summer, the program includes 40 ads on buses that will run 12 weeks (July though September) and 10 bus shelters for four weeks (in September) in the county's three community college campuses.
His memorable performance in over 40 ads may have helped raise BT's profile but, in an ideal world, Kris says he'd like to be known for more than a promoter of high-speed broadband.
Dining Out, an insert in the Sunday Star-Advertiser; was running about 40 ads per week in June 2010.
Only three of the top 10 ads this Oscars were new ads produced expressly for the awards show--interesting because 23 of the 40 ads aired during the Oscars were new, indicating that many advertisers won by using some of their 'tried and true' material to make a splash in this important advertising event.
Conducted by Readex Research, farmers/ranchers rated 40 ads in the areas of attention-getting, believability and information value.
The 61-year-old appeared in more than 40 ads in the series, before it was dropped in 1999 when the Oxo family campaign came to an end.
Tesco is planning 40 ads without Dotty in the next few weeks to gauge reaction.
He was startled to discover that in Germany, customers have to sit through 40 ads before they even get to the trailers.