fourth dimension

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the fourth coordinate that is required (along with three spatial dimensions) to specify a physical event


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LifeVision is Exceptional Innovation's digital TV server with up to four analog (NTSC) or digital (OTA ATSC) tuners and 1-gigabit network capability in a 4-space rack mounted unit.
3] be the unit 3-sphere imbedded in the Euclidean 4-space [E.
1 wherein our familiar 4-space has a dual 4-space partner to comprise a unique 8-space.
A special inversion mirror type of relationship is proposed to operate between the dual 4-spaces so that monopoles in the one 4-space create image dipoles in the companion 4-space.
1]), this dual pair of 4-spaces provide, quite naturally, both particle and wave expressions for substance (a biconformal base space, (x,y,z,t; [k.