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Synonyms for acid

Synonyms for acid

Synonyms for acid

any of various water-soluble compounds having a sour taste and capable of turning litmus red and reacting with a base to form a salt

being sour to the taste

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having the characteristics of an acid

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Clinical analysis of vitamin B(6): determination of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate and 4-pyridoxic acid in human serum by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography with chlorite postcolumn derivatization.
[1] Nonstandard abbreviations: PN, pyridoxine; PNP, pyridoxine 5'-phosphate; PL, pyridoxal; PLP, pyridoxal 5'-phosphate; PM, pyridoxamine; PMP, pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate; PA, 4-pyridoxic acid; FMN, flavin mononucleotide; LC-MS /MS, liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry; HFBA, heptafluorobutyric acid; TCA, trichloroacetic acid; MRM, multiple-reaction monitoring; LOD, limits) of detection; and S/N, signal-to-noise.
Separation and quantification of the [B.sub.6] vitamers in plasma and 4-pyridoxic acid in urine of adolescent girls by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography.
Elevated plasma 4-pyridoxic acid in renal insufficiency.
[5] Nonstandard abbreviations: PN, pyridoxine; PL, pyridoxal; PM, pyridoxamine; PLP, pyridoxal 5'-phosphate; PMP, pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate; 4-PA, 4-pyridoxic acid; and WENBIT, Western Norway B-Vitamin Intervention Trial.