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Synonyms for sedan

a car that is closed and that has front and rear seats and two or four doors

a closed litter for one passenger


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The Forte 4-door sedan is complemented by a Gamma 1.
The XEBRA comes in a 4-door sedan or pickup truck with a convertible dump/flat bed.
A 2004 Honda Civic LX 4-door sedan will be given away at the May 16 drawing.
auto Drive: Rear Mileage: 16/23 maybach 57 & 62 Price range: $290,000-$350,000+ Body type: 4-door sedan Wheelbase: 132.
What it is: C/D-class 4-door sedan and 5-door GTS (2002); Signum sportwagon (2003); plus future variant (4 bodystyles total) Who's it for?
Battery Switch or servo A tractor-trailer Hood Trunk Venturi Glove box or glove compartment Shock absorber Half shaft or axle shaft Convertible version of 2-door coupe Generator Station wagon Dashboard 2-door coupe Gearshift, gear lever Transmission Convertible top Truck Unibody Hubcap Drive shaft Vent window Tachometer Back-up lights Flywheel gear or starter gear 2- or 4-door sedan Cowl Muffler Rocker panel Vacuum advance Oil pan
Mercury Tracer (right) provides style in comfort in 4-door sedan or 4-door wagon.
The chassis was then modified and fit with a custom carbon fiber body and the interior adjusted from a 4-door sedan to a 2-door coupe.
Tenders are invited for to provide or 2018 model year law enforcement automobiles - 2018 ford police interceptor p2m, 500a, 5-passenger, full-size, 4-door sedan.
Large, at 200 inches by 79 inches, the car is an aggressive-looking 4-door sedan with its rear doors rear hinged and featuring a panoramic roof.
The second generation Mazda3 5-door hatchback follows on the heels of the 4-door sedan version, currently on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show.
The new 2008 Focus is available in 3-door and 5-door hatchback, 4-door sedan and 5-door wagon body styles, and offers 5 trim levels: the entry-level Ambiente, the well-equipped Trend, the Sport (featuring a special sport suspension), the higher spec Ghia as well as the high tech Titanium.
manual Drive: Front, AWD Mileage (mpg): 22/30-20/28 RUNNER'S UP CADILLAC ESCALADE EXT//JAGUAR X-TYPE//PONTIAC VIBE [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Most For The Money NISSAN Altima Price Range: $16,800-$29,000 Body Type: 4-door sedan Engine Type: I-4 16-valve, V6 24-valve Displacement: 2.
So it was on Automotive Industries' latest visit to Honda's Tochigi Proving Grounds, where we'd gone to drive a number of concept and prototypes including the new Civic Hybrid 4-door sedan.
ZAP calls the XEBRA design a 'city-car,' available as a 4-door sedan or 2-passenger truck, good for city-speed driving up to 40 MPH and priced about $10,000.