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Synonyms for 4-dimensional

involving or relating to the fourth dimension or time

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The simulations confirm log-normal ditribution of the wavefront stretching in phase space for light propagation in media of weakly fluctuating refraction index, and show that the wavefront mixing takes place almost independently in two 2-dimensional subspaces of the 4-dimensional phase space.
The spacetime of special relativity is a flat, 4-dimensional structure.
The proposed method is given in this section is to give a procedure for computing the number of integral points in 4-dimensional ball which is depending on the Ehrhart polynomials of a polytope and its properties.
For example, one can embed a circle into the boundary of a 4-dimensional ball so that the result is any given knot.
What India has to always have is a very carefully structured and tailored 4-dimensional military capability in place augmentable by switching forces from the East to the West and vice versa, at short notice, with the required strategic mobility that can inflict unacceptable punishment on the enemy locally, at each stage and point of an escalatory and graduated response.
Raytheon said it will use FAA automation systems and decision-support tools, and Otake full advantage ofO integration into the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's 4-Dimensional Weather Cube.
Finally, if I read Palmer correctly, the physical environment itself can be seen as another set of operative resources in the Grand Encyclopedia (to again abuse Dolezel's concept) that is distributed throughout almost any novel's fictional 4-dimensional hubbub of thought and feeling.
Particular care was taken to ensure that the iris recognition data would allow for 4-dimensional eye tracking during the procedure, since it is quite common for intra-procedural cyclotorsion of more than 3[degrees] to occur.
An interesting observation gleaned from this study is that a monopole in the 4-dimensional space corresponds to a dipole in the 3-dimensional space.
At The U-boat Story (Woodside Ferry Terminal) discover life on board a real German U-boat and celebrate the music of the Fab Four at the Beatles Story Pier Head (Pier Head Ferry Terminal) at Fab4D; a multisensory 4-Dimensional experience.
It produced several areas for 4-dimensional stakeholder analysis.
In this paper we describe a method to derive a Weierstrass-type representation formula for simply connected immersed minimal surfaces in the 4-dimensional Lie group [H.
4DSA: 4-Dimensional Presentation of Stakeholder Analysis in Large Software Project (2010).
In a 4-dimensional generalized Ricci recurrent Riemannian manifold energy momentum tensor is generalized recurrent if and only if the Einstein tensor is generalized Ricci-recurrent.
The seminar will highlight the importance of Oracle Primavera solutions, Hard Dollar project cost management and Synchro 4-dimensional construction simulation software in managing costs and optimizing resources.