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Synonyms for 4-dimensional

involving or relating to the fourth dimension or time

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Consequently, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in Steps 4 and 5 are matchings in 4-dimensional subcubes K([Q.
So I have borrowed at least one useful concept from the philosophers: the 4-dimensional block universe model of spacetime, which fruitfully complicates the texture of historicist approaches by recognizing each point's indivisible combination of distinct matter, time, and space.
Tchizawa, "On relative stability in 4-dimensional duck solution," Journal of Mathematics and System Science, no.
g], [PHI], V) be a 4-dimensional locally reducible Ricci symmetric ARS-spacetime of nonconstant curvature with the evolution equation (6) for a timelike ARS vector V parallel to the fluid velocity vector u.
Modelling and Evaluation of Aircraft Contrails for 4-Dimensional Trajectory Optimisation," SAE Int.
The simulations confirm log-normal ditribution of the wavefront stretching in phase space for light propagation in media of weakly fluctuating refraction index, and show that the wavefront mixing takes place almost independently in two 2-dimensional subspaces of the 4-dimensional phase space.
Except for the quadrangles associated to Hermitian varieties in 4-dimensional projective space, all known classes of generalized quadrangles are STGQs, up to a combination of duality and Payne-integration.
Identification of the primitive type of the Voronoi cell in 4-dimensional euclidean lattice
13) Results with a conventional scanner and 4-dimensional (4D) adaptive spiral scanning (Siemens AS+ 128) were recently presented.
Recent performance tests done at Elektrenai Power Plant, Lithuania show that AVA's software beta that supports the company's unique 4-dimensional approach to vibration analysis works as expected.
2: We consider the 4-dimensional manifold M = {(x, y, z, w) [member of] [R.
This high resolution scanning in 4-dimensional domains can be adopted for millimeter wave radar, so that it can provide more stable separation detection for pedestrians and bicycles nearby cars and other vehicles.
Minkowski realized that the postulates central to relativity could be interpreted better if the structure of the Universe was thought of as a 4-dimensional framework he called spacetime.
q consider the 4-dimensional convex body B(N) = {x [member of][R.
What India has to always have is a very carefully structured and tailored 4-dimensional military capability in place augmentable by switching forces from the East to the West and vice versa, at short notice, with the required strategic mobility that can inflict unacceptable punishment on the enemy locally, at each stage and point of an escalatory and graduated response.