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an Apocryphal book of angelic revelations


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The same dependence on 4 Esdras can be found in the writings of Anneke Jansz, in particular in a crucial letter she wrote to David Joris in 1536 in which she proclaims Joris to be the legitimate Davidic successor to Jan van Leiden.
The discovery of the central importance of 4 Esdras in both Rothmann and Anneke Jansz puts to rest the notion of "revolutionary" Anabaptism at the cost of incorporating the apocrypha back into the canon used by the earliest Anabaptists.
In Joris's Apologia the two psalms also contextualize the message of the Testament to Isaiah, which is suffering endurance, coupled with the command from 4 Esdras to "flee the shadow of the world and ...
Sobre todo al ponerlo en relacion con 1 Hen 46 y 4 Esdras 13 (cfr.
(16) Although Jerome rejected 3 and 4 Esdras as uncanonical, both were included in manuscripts of the Latin Bible throughout the Middle Ages.
(6.) Gerald Mast has pointed out in personal correspondence with me that the second article in the Dordrecht Confession on the "fall of man" has a reference to 4 Esdras 3:7.
(35.) Aparece en los Salmos de Salomon, Qumran, Testamentos de los Doce Patriarcas, 4 Esdras y Apocalipsis de Baruc: S.