third party

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someone other than the principals who are involved in a transaction

a political party organized in opposition to the major parties in a two-party system

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- Simply connect the previously unconnected Aerohive Atom AP30 can quickly and easily bridge an IoT device to an Aerohive or 3rd-party network in any easy or hard-to-reach location.
First time in Pakistan, Telenor Automate also comes with a free of cost 3rd-Party car insurance for Automate enabled cars.
It runs on a server, but perhaps in a 3rd-party data center that is off-premesis.
You have the option of using the free backup utility, NTBACKUP.EXE, provided by Microsoft or you can use one of the popular 3rd-party backup products.
TEPro-Fx28 integrates a 28-channel DS1 framer; a 21-channel E1 framer; a 28- channel DS1/E1 cross-connect; a 672 x 4,096 channel non-blocking DS0 cross- connect for grooming, concentration, switching and multiplexing; a message mailbox FIFO; a multi-channel HDLC for SS7 and ISDN-PRI signaling (3rd-party stacks required); MVIP and H.100/H.110 TDM bus interfaces; and a high- performance, on-chip RISC processor for flexible, programmable control.