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(baseball) the person who plays third base

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Andrews will catch, and play 1st and 2nd base, while Miller can fill in at 2nd or 3rd base.
The 1st base coach eyes the runner, the 3rd base coach the bunter.
Skeptics will be quick to portray this as girl talk gone mad -- "Join the Sex Scouts and get a merit badge in 3rd Base" -- but as Wolf notes in some detail, this kind of approach has been viable in many different (primarily non-Western) cultures, so it is certainly worth considering.
His management company boasts a roster that includes Run-D.M.C., LL Cool J, Public Enemy and 3rd Base. In addition, the Queens native has a line of hip-hop clothing called Phat.
To complete the primary responsibilities, the 3rd baseman stays at his bag for a possible tag play, while the left fielder and pitcher back up any throw that might come to 3rd base. (See Diag.
Fans may now purchase 42-game packages on the Club Level in 1st & 3rd Base Club (Sections 206 through 208 and 219 through 221, $50 per seat).
Throwing a guy out at 3rd base (from both power alleys).
On a throw to 3rd base vs a right-handed hitter, it is best to step behind the hitter on a pitch inside or down the middle.
LF backs up 3rd base in case a wild throw results in the runner moving to 3rd.
Fungo ball to center and right fielders, throw to 3rd base. Fungo ball to each outfielder, throw home.
How are groundballs going over 3rd base and 1st base considered fair or foul?
Left Fielder and Center Fielder field ground balls (hit by a coach) and throw to a cutoff man (SS) or through to 3rd base. The pitcher must back up 3rd.
Backs up all throws to 3rd base, and is ready to be a back-up man on any rundown between 3rd and the plate.