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(baseball) the person who plays third base

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The 1st base coach eyes the runner, the 3rd base coach the bunter.
If the runner sees the ball in play, he picks up the 3rd base coach for the sign to hold at 2nd or come on to 3rd.
The shortstop is a floater, who must be able to read the play and serve as a cut man on a throw to 3rd base or to home.
The catchers work on throwing to 2nd and 3rd base as if we had a runner stealing.
Other celebrity guests will include Joe Thiesman, former Washington Redskins Quarterback, Jim Palmer, three-time Cy Young Award Winner and Baltimore Oriole Baseball Hall of Famer, and Mike Schmidt, former Philadelphia Philly's 3rd base player, winner of the Homerun Crown 8 times and Baseball Hall of Famer.
A[micro] New York A[micro] Open House Event held in the Sky Lounge, 39th Floor A[micro] WHO: Called "the most underrated player in baseball history" by Bill James, Darrell Evans played 1st and 3rd base from 1969 to 1989 for the Atlanta Braves, the San Francisco Giants, and the Detroit Tigers and played in two league championship series, one World Series (1984), and two All-Star games (1973, 1983).
On a throw to 3rd base vs a right-handed hitter, it is best to step behind the hitter on a pitch inside or down the middle.
Position Player 1st base Todd Helton (Colorado Rockies) 2nd base Brett Boone (Seattle Mariners) 3rd base Scott Rolen (St.
LF backs up 3rd base in case a wild throw results in the runner moving to 3rd.
LOCATION: Dodger Stadium, 3rd Base Photo Well VISUALS: Sosa's 66th Home Run Baseball from The McFarlane Collection
Fungo ball to center and right fielders, throw to 3rd base.
How are groundballs going over 3rd base and 1st base considered fair or foul?
Left Fielder and Center Fielder field ground balls (hit by a coach) and throw to a cutoff man (SS) or through to 3rd base.
Backs up all throws to 3rd base, and is ready to be a back-up man on any rundown between 3rd and the plate.
2 Hours of mowing per day (home date) 3 Chalk line markers 6 Mowers available 6' Height of CF wall 7-9 Number of ground crew members 8' Height of LF and LF power alley wall 13'3" Height of RF and RF power alley wall 49'6" Distance from home plate to backstop 51' Distance from 1st and 3rd bases to stands 87 Sprinkler heads on the field 230 Tons of warning track mix from Colorado 260B John Deere greens mower model used for infield 2653A John Deere triplex mower model used for outfield 300 Bags of fertilizer per year 329' Distance to LF foul poll 330' Distance to RF foul poll 369' Distance to LF and RF power alleys 400 Tons of infield mix from Tennessee 401' Distance to straight away CF 100,000 Square feet of grass