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(baseball) the person who plays third base

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Meanwhile, our other coach works the 1st and 3rd baseman on outs at 1st.
The 3rd baseman fields tosses from a coach throwing to 2nd to initiate a double play.
Meanwhile, the 3rd baseman and SS play up to fielding fungos and throwing outs to the plate.
C fields balls in front of plate and covers 3rd if 3rd baseman comes in to field the ball.
C receives bunt defense sign from 3rd baseman, then calls a pitch-out and delivers a strong throw to the left side of 1st base.
P receives signal from 3rd baseman, waits for daylight between SS and runner, then throws to 2nd.
Ground ball to right of 3rd baseman and SS and to left of 2nd baseman and 1st baseman for the double play, with the ball being returned to the catcher.
When should your 1st and 3rd baseman guard the lines?
With a runner on base, what should the 3rd baseman do each time the 1st baseman throws to the pitcher?
Because it will force the 3rd baseman to make a longer throw and, if the ball rolls foul, will give the hitter another chance to swing the bat.
3rd Baseman fields a ground ball hit by a coach and throws it to the 2nd baseman for the 5-4 force-out or to start a double play.
3rd Baseman reacts to hard-hit balls to his glove and his backhand side.
3rd Baseman: Infield coach hits fly balls over the baseman's head, using a tennis racket and tennis balls.
Whenever the back runner is being run down, the 3rd baseman must alert the defense to the man on third.
If, with two outs, the defender with the ball is running down the back runner and is within two feet of him when he hears the 3rd baseman call "four-four," he should try to tag out the runner before the front runner crosses the plate.