virtual reality

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a hypothetical three-dimensional visual world created by a computer

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One small company in Howell, Michigan has pushed the envelope of 3D simulation.
Non-technical users with no programming, scripting, or previous 3D graphics experience can learn how to use Producer in two days, empowering the USMC to use their own subject matter experts to update the 3D simulations included with the VTTs; a critical component of the contract requirements.
One important aspect of the new 3D simulation products is their relative accessibility in terms of computer requirements, model preparation, "solve times," and cost.
This is especially critical for 3D simulation, as the solid elements are more "information-heavy" than the elements used in a 2.
This intuitive solution gives surgeons the maximum flexibility, allowing them to deliver the benefits of 3D simulation to patients considering a variety of aesthetic procedures.
One of the top new features of Moldflow's enhanced 3D simulation include meshing an insert together with the part and calculating its effect on shrinkage and warpage.
SIMULIA Abaqus, advanced 3D simulation analysis software from Dassault Systemes, was used to perform dynamical elastic-plastic time-dependent analysis for the principal structure of the Expo Axis, obtaining accurate results about the anti-seismic elasticity of the building through 3D simulation.
By integrating the Kimotion optimization technology with our 3D simulation tools, we will be able to provide a broader and more robust design and verification toolset for new generation process technologies.
Filtering Model, Interactive 3D Simulation, and Full-Text Searching Introduced
RA'ANANA, Israel, November 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Sivan Design, a leading provider of Civil Engineering CAD products and GIS-ERP integrated software solutions, today announces December 1, 2008 as the official launch date for Civil Simulate the powerful 3D interactive simulation tool providing an effective solution to the challenge of turning civil engineering design into 3D simulation.
Customers are better able to understand Kobe's products using the visual effects of Pro/ENGINEER 3D simulation.
Planar's SD2020 and SD2320W deliver enhanced stereo image quality by offering greater resolution and enlarged screen-space, beneficial for photogrammetry, image exploitation, complex visualization, 3D simulation and radiographic investigation.
NGRAIN's winning presentation, entitled "Empowering Subject Matter Experts to Rapidly Produce Interactive 3D Simulation for Maintenance Training" detailed the benefits of leveraging 3D simulations for maintenance training:
SAN DIEGO -- A new version of BAE Systems' SOCET GXP(TM) software has added tools for image analysis, geospatial analysis, 3D simulation, and targeting -- applications that will be particularly helpful for homeland defense or military intelligence missions.