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radar that will report altitude as well as azimuth and distance of a target

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MRMS currently integrates about 180 operational radars and creates a seamless 3D radar mosaic across the conterminous United States (CONUS) and southern Canada at very high spatial (1 km) and temporal (2 min) resolution.
The new radar at Medina is the third 3D radar facility to control the aerial space of the country, after Bankut in the north and Bekescsaba in the south-east.
But the 3D radar plots the aircraft position in terms of its height as well as surface position, so there is no need for two systems.
The contract, initially for [euro]18 M, is for the implementation of a Lanza 3D radar system in Pico do Arriero, in Madeira, to cover the air surveillance of the archipelago and supply of the tactical communications systems between aircraft, ships and the national command and control centre.
Those posts are equipped with modern Lanza 3D radar systems, which have recently replaced the legacy AN/APS-113 and AN/FPS-90 radar sets.
Rather than incur massive debt in the procurement of 3D radar, it was suggested that the countries study the feasibility of modernizing their older surveillance radars to ASOC (i.
Products and services on display will include the Artisan 3D radar, Intelligence Carry-On Program (ICOP), and the Meteorology and Oceanography Carry-On Prototype.
Objective: Cover sistemi srl has managed to provide innovative solutions for its commercial clients in perimeter intruder detection but never has there been a solution to give a detailed, Zone specific, Multiple object sensing and precise 3d radar mapping of objects.
Fielded for the first time by Luftforsvaret (Royal Norwegian Air Force) more than a decade ago, a standard NASAMS unit has a modular design comprising a C2 solution based on Kongsberg's Fire Distribution Centre (FDC), a ThalesRaytheonSystems AN/MPQ-64F1 Sentinel Improved 3D radar, passive optronics and a number of Kongsberg six-cell trainable and/or Raytheon six-cell High-Mobility Launchers (HML).
A The report indicates the need of three new frigates, air defence systems, torpedoes, 3D radar, a drone helicopter and combat information system.
The system is a self-contained mobile 3D radar with an integrated secondary radar system and operator workstations contained in one vehicle.
Ministry of Defense chose BAE Systems' ARTISAN 3D radar as the next generation of medium-range radars (MRRs) for the majority of the Royal Navy surface fleet, and for future aircraft carriers.
In the fall of 2014 the Czech Republic launched a tender for a mobile 3D radar system; Slovakia has a similar requirement, which led Czech and Slovak companies to form an industrial consortium headed by Retia to develop a new system known as the Reunion.
Its 3D radar system is so advanced it can track more than 1,000 targets at once in the air.
Other material treated in detail in this impressive tome are signal processing, data processing, height finding and 3D radar, ECM, reflector antennas and sub-reflectors, bistatic radar and the analog SAW dispersive delay line.