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radar that will report altitude as well as azimuth and distance of a target

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The new radar at Medina is the third 3D radar facility to control the aerial space of the country, after Bankut in the north and Bekescsaba in the south-east.
In the fall of 2014 the Czech Republic launched a tender for a mobile 3D radar system; Slovakia has a similar requirement, which led Czech and Slovak companies to form an industrial consortium headed by Retia to develop a new system known as the Reunion.
A The report indicates the need of three new frigates, air defence systems, torpedoes, 3D radar, a drone helicopter and combat information system.
Detection and Search Radars II-26 Threat Radars II-26 Battlefield and Reconnaissance Radar II-27 Missile Guidance Systems II-27 Space and Range Instrumentation Radar Systems II-27 PC Radar Technology II-27 Radar Types II-28 3D Radar II-28 Millimeter Cloud Radar II-28 Imaging Radar II-28 Incoherent Scatter II-28 SCR-270 Radar II-28 Multistatic Radar II-28 Planar Array Radar II-29 Precision Approach Radar II-29 Low Probability of Intercept II-29 HF Radar II-30 Passive Radar II-31 X-Band Radar II-32 Continuous-Wave Radar II-32
Ministry of Defense chose BAE Systems' ARTISAN 3D radar as the next generation of medium-range radars (MRRs) for the majority of the Royal Navy surface fleet, and for future aircraft carriers.
Several options have been mooted including the installation of a Thales Herakles system-an S-band 3D radar which has an air surveillance range of 250km (135nm), and 80km (43nm) surface-search range, covering 0-70[degrees] elevation.
SNC's HALS combines real-time 3D radar imagery with digital terrain map, satellite imagery and DVE specific guidance symbology to provide a complete DVE solution for takeoff, approach and landing operations in fog, brownout's, and other DVE's.
Products and services on display will include the Artisan 3D radar, combat management systems, and intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and targeting systems.
The sensor is derived from the EL/M-2080 Green Pine designed for the Arrow theatre ballistic missile defence system and k able to detect low- and high-flying targets with its phased array 3D radar, the range is estimated at about 500 km.
Product Innovations/Introductions II-32 BAE Releases ARTISAN 3D Radar for Export Market II-32 Curtiss-Wright Launches New Receiver Card, XMC-E220 II-32 Cambridge Consultants Introduces Prism 200 in USA.
Sensing is provided courtesy of a Saab Sea Giraffe 3D radar, a Terma Scanter 2001 surveillance radar and a Sagem Eoms electro-optical system.
Holographic radar is a non-scanning, continuously tracking 3D radar that provides persistent illumination of its field of view and can resolve and measure an object's motion at fine scale, as well as its range and direction.
In addition to traditional sensors such as LIDAR and cameras, which are affected by smoke or dust, this sensing unit includes also a novel 3D radar camera, a thermal camera, and high bandwidth gas sensors.
The German contract consisted of 50 Ozelot weapon platforms armed with four ready-to-launch Stingers, ten platoon command post vehicles equipped with the Ericsson Improved Hard 3D radar and seven battery command post vehicles.