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Synonyms for stereoscopy

three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina

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And to make it more user-friendly and more multimedia-rich in its appeal, it will also feature two cameras capable of taking 2D and 3D photos and videos.
In his photographic exhibition titled, "Mecca and Medina: A Photographic Journey," he also showcases rare close up moments and a first-of-its-kind showing of 3D photos, which offer a stunning inside look at two sites long considered the most sacred venues for Muslims throughout the centuries.
Even Fuji of Japan has launched digital cameras for shooting 3D photos, he added.
There were a couple of models with spooky lighting, a few jars here and there and some 3D photos on the walls where the portraits turned to skeletal-like images depending on your view point.
The first hour is technical and the second involves viewing projected 3D photos and videos using supplied polaroid glasses.
This includes support for laser ablation, 3D photos, and changeable laser image (CLI) or multiple laser image (MLI) technology that help improve overall passport security.
However, Megumi said she did not send the photos for money and also thinks the 3D photos were not obscene.
REACH3D s advanced 3D software allows surgeons to record in 3D, capture 2D and 3D photos as well as transmit live 3D surgeries over IP.
A leader in 3D technology for personal computers, NVIDIA said the online community allows them to stream 3D movie trailers, music videos, sport clips, and video shorts, as well as post and view high-quality, high-resolution 3D photos.
Adding 3D Vision glasses to the Move 3DS creates a life-like experience for hundreds of 3D games, 3D Blu-ray movies, 3D photos, and 3D streaming video.
The Nintendo 3DS XL is a hand-held entertainment device that allows users to play video games, enjoy music videos and trailers, take 3D photos and more.
iOS users can instantly create 3D photos of any object or person.
Another is installing multiple rear facing cameras in order to take 3D photos.
I went down to London, sat in a chair, the consultants took some 3D photos of my face and moulded the mask around the image without touching my face.