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Synonyms for stereoscopy

three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina

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The MakerBot 3D Photo Booth was originally launched in the New York MakerBot Store last fall and has enjoyed tremendous success, becoming very popular, with adults and children alike scanning themselves and creating all sorts of interesting 3D portrait models from 3D printed busts, to wedding cake toppers, to putting their head on the top of Greek statues, gargoyles and other fun items even making pencil toppers and pieces of jewelry out of them.
Kodak's software allows consumers to do more with their photos, including 3D photo printing, printing scenes from video files, as well as photo printing directly from FACEBOOK, KODAK Gallery, PICASA, FLICKR and PHOTOBUCKET sites.
"New to the FZ-Series are the improved AF speeds, 3D photo shooting and full 1080 HD video capabilities."
The Planmeca ProMax 3D ProFace unit acquires patient's facial 3D photo in a radiation-free process giving the medical or dental professional opportunity to plan operations and document the follow-up images.
If that's not enough, it also has a jaw-dropping 24x wide optical zoom and includes a backlit CMOS sensor for low-light shots, 3D photo shooting, and Eye-Fi card compatibility so users can upload photos automatically to the Web--without cables.
The project is the result of hundreds of profile pictures taken of customers at the mall in November, and collated to create a giant 3D photo montage in the shape of the UAE map.
Even without specs you can enjoy your footage on the 3.5in screen or invest in an additional 8in 3D photo frame.
Amidst growing global interest in 3D technology following the launch of 3D television / PCs and screening of 3D movies, the latest theme park directed its attention to a commemorative 3D photo service, resulting in the system's introduction this time.
Having announced two years ago that it would be replacing the hologram on its drivers licenses, North Carolina has now announced that it plans to adopt Sagem's 3D Photo ID[TM] technique for laser engraved three dimensional photo-images.
A CAERPHILLY company which manufactures 3D photo images inside blocks of crystal is looking to exploit the lucrative British tourism industry.
Give a unique Christmas gift by turning a memorable photo into a beautiful 3D photo crystal specially packaged in a satin lined gift box.
Activities also include the animated Pingu show, fighting zones section for kids at the ice rink, a 3D photo booth section and arts and crafts, which is open from 5pm-11pm.
With today's introduction of photo tours, a feature of Google Maps that guides you through a 3D photo scene, we're all one step closer," The Daily Mail quoted a Google statement, as saying.
In keeping with LG, this may even be the worM's first which could handle 3D photo and video editing right on its glasscs-free 4.3-inch screen, all shot by the twin 5MP cameras mounted at the back.