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three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina

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The MakerBot 3D Photo Booth was originally launched in the New York MakerBot Store last fall and has enjoyed tremendous success, becoming very popular, with adults and children alike scanning themselves and creating all sorts of interesting 3D portrait models from 3D printed busts, to wedding cake toppers, to putting their head on the top of Greek statues, gargoyles and other fun items even making pencil toppers and pieces of jewelry out of them.
3D Photo Mode: Take 3D still photos** that can be played back on MPO-compatible 3D equipment, such as a Panasonic VIERA 3D HDTV * 3.
The 3D photo service, made available with the introduction of the Fujifilm 3D Print System, is offered at "The Dark Room" photo studio in Universal Studios Singapore.
This could be used for education or as a 3D photo frame in the future," she said.
CEO Stephen Blumenthal stated, "Our 3D Picture Perfect, On Screen User control, enables the 5 in 1 HUB to operate as a 3D Television, a 3D Laptop, a 3D Tablet, a 3D Photo frame, a 2D camera capture & 3D playback studio, and as a 2D conversion studio for With Glasses, 3D Big Screen, Home TV playback.
3DGallery is a hassle-free 3D photo gallery maker that can turn digital photos into a flash image presentation in minutes to let users view their favorite photos in 3D.
The LUMIX FX78 also features the Panasonic 3D Photo mode, which produces a realistic 3D photo by taking 20 consecutive photos and overlaying the two best to create a 3D image that can then be played on a Panasonic VIERA 3D HDTV.
This unique real life 3D photo mapping system features 5 different perspectives; 4 diagonal perspectives plus a bird's eye view.
EXTRAS: Interview with Tony Curtis, members of the all-women jazz band, 3D photo gallery with never-seen-before pix of Marilyn Monroe, film trailer.
Then they step into the AvaStarShip for a 3D photo session.
3D photo and face recognition (non-exclusive option 2 years).
com to create their own custom 3D photo galleries on the Web, where they can upload and share high-resolution 3D images with family and friends, or with the 3DVisionLive.
Simplifying and enhancing the 3D photo capturing process, Stereovision Imaging introduces its 3D VuCAM(TM) to the market.
The app renders the multiple images in order to create a 3D photo on your device.
Thanks to Kazoo Technology, Instant Photo Effects is an exciting adventure in 3D photo art that will appeal to a multitude of professionals and home consumers alike as they discover endless ways to use their imaginations and share their creations.