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an optical device for viewing stereoscopic photographs

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When it comes to gathering feedback for a highway or bridge project, the Minnesota Department of Transportation and engineering consultants are finding a lot to like in 3D visualizations and other emerging technology.
Visualization researchers proposed WebGL [29] as a solution for web-based 3D visualization, due to its capability to access OpenGL for Embedded System 2 (OpenGL ES2) using a JavaScript application programming interface (API) [30-35].
As an associate professor, he uses 3D visualization while he trains residents, fellows and visiting surgeons, not just because they can see and understand the cases, but because of some of the liability issues associated with letting other doctors operate on his patient.
Suddekor and shattdecor both have delved into 3D visualization for applications Pof their decor papers.
(1999) proposed a three-tier approach to GIS visualization in a 3D urban planning environment, using a mix of a conventional 2D plan-view map, a partly symbolic 3D visualization (model-view), and a photo-realistic 3D visualization depending on user and audience (the symbolic view was aimed at planners).
GeoMedia 3D is a GeoMedia add-on product that extends the functionality of Intergraph's geospatial solutions through an integrated 3D visualization and analysis environment.
Developed projects in 2011 included "3D Visualisation of Demographic Data in Qatar," co-submitted by Qatar Statistics Authority and Qatar University, and "3D Visualization of Looping, Tangling and Knot Formation of Surgical Threads," submitted by Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar and Texas A&M at Qatar.
Version 2.3 of Savanna.NET[R] Warehouse Management Software features real time 3D visualization of the warehouse, a dashboard for tracking key statistics of warehouse operations, streamlined user rights management interfaces and improvements to the order picking module for integrating third party picking solutions.
By clicking on a single bin, users can zoom in on detailed Information for the bin including minimum, maximum and average levels and see the 3D visualization of bin content for the MV and MVL models.
Specialised Imaging's updated version of its Trajectory Tracker video tracking system can precisely correlate high-speed video data with 3D visualization and measurement information.
Autodesk Design Suite 2011 for Windows combines the standard features of AutoCAD software with sketching, illustration, concept design workflows, and the company's visualization solutions, Users can sketch, paint, manipulate, and edit image concepts without leaving AutoCAD, The Standard version includes AutoCAD; Autodesk Alias Sketch, which integrates illustration, painting, and manipulation capabilities; and Autodesk Showcase 3D visualization software.
Visual enterprise solutions provider Right Hemisphere announced on Monday that its 3D visualization technology has been integrated with software provider JustSystems' XMetaL XML-based authoring and content collaboration software to deliver a comprehensive solution for 3D DITA Documents.
"Nvidia is clearly a leader in the field of 3D visualization and has been working on stereoscopic 3D technology since 1999," said Dr.
Material is in sections on informatics tools in oral medicine research and in oral diagnostic technologies, 3D visualization in oral diagnosis, bioinformatics applications in bacterial identification, and informatics tools in the management of dental care.
Anark Corporation, Boulder, Colo., a provider of automated 3D CAD transformation and visualization solutions, has announced support for OpenFlight(TM), the most widely adopted 3D visualization format for real-time 3D visualization.