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an optical device for viewing stereoscopic photographs

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1] A copy of the 3D viewer can then be pasted and saved as an image file as shown in fig.
The Sony's 3D viewer claims to provide the images sans blurring, noise and other distortions.
The Personal 3D Viewer HMZ-T2 comes with a bundled HDMIU cable and can be attached to any device with an HDMI out, be it an XBOX 360, a DVD/BLU-RAY Player or even a receiver.
It is necessary to use a 3D viewer which meets the learning needs of our students, in order to be able to view and manipulate the 3D models virtually on the computer, which assists our students in the development of their spatial abilities.
Review: Sony Personal 3D Viewer Once you put on the display and turn it on you're going to be in for a surprise.
Dubai Enter a private world with Sony's Personal 3D Viewer to watch HD movies.
Summary: DUBAI - Consumer electronics giant Sony on Monday launched its latest Personal 3D Viewer -- the HMZ-T1 -- as it continues its push into further innovating users' entertainment experience.
The company will also showcase two of its latest innovations - an integrated quality management solution and soon-to-be launched multiplatform 3D viewer, at the event.
Sony has unveiled the HMZ-T1, a 3D viewer that can be used with 2D and 3D content.
Electronics company Sony Electronics announced on Wednesday the launch of its HMZ-T1, Personal 3D Viewer.
All images and data stored on DataServer/PX are accessible to network client workstations using PreXion's unique image analysis system and 3D viewer interface.
The 3D solution supports Fuji's drive to provide a single-source radiological system that includes RIS, mammography, 3D, and reporting and decision support, and is intended to negate the need for Synapse users to install a third-party 3D viewer.
Version 2 of FLO/PCB software--developed specifically to enable electronic and thermal engineers to collaborate on PC board designs--provides a new 3D viewer and a conduction-cooled operating environment.
Clicking the 3D button brings up a smaller window, the 3D Viewer, with a perspective of the portion of Mars currently displayed in the main window.
WITNESS 2003 supports a new release of the 3D Viewer technology and offers a platform for new device plug-ins.