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using the reflections of high-frequency sound waves to construct an image of a body organ (a sonogram)

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TechniScan's automated, 3D ultrasound technology has the potential to be an important tool in the early and accurate detection of one of the leading killers among women.
U-Systems develops 3D ultrasound products specifically designed for earlier detection of breast cancer.
The fusion of CT and 3D ultrasound with the Clarity System enables precise localization of the target during planning, as well as daily image guidance and adaptive radiotherapy during treatment delivery, to ensure that the target is encompassed by the prescribed dose and to minimize side effects due to poor geometric localization.
The company has developed the world's smallest, wireless 3D ultrasound scan engine with integrated image analysis capability.
Contract notice: purchase, delivery, installation, commissioning, training and life maintenance of a Stereotactic Neuronavigation platform with integrated 3D ultrasound
Backed by competitively priced, superior quality products and innovative strategies, the company has achieved significant market share, particularly in the high-end 3D ultrasound segment.
During the radiation treatment planning phase, Clarity allows physicians to automatically compare CT and 3D ultrasound images acquired at the same time with the patient in the same position, which can dramatically improve the treatment planning workflow when compared to CT alone.
th] Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of RSNA, ContextVision, will launch a new groundbreaking product range for 3D ultrasound.
The subject of this contract is the supply of ultrasound for regional health, as : The tender is divided into sections according to A* 98 of the Act, in the following structure Part 1: 1 piece Ultrasound for internal departments; : Part 2: 1 pcs Anaesthesia UZ; : Part 3: 1 pcs Ultrasonic digital device; : Part 4: 1 piece UZ gynecology; : Part 5: 1 pc ultrasound device; : Part 6: 1 piece sonographic device; : Part 7: 1 pc ultrasound device for gynecology; : Part 8: 1 pcs 3D ultrasound for gynecology; : Part 9: 1 piece UZ for pediatric cardiology.
For instance, although still at the research state, a freehand 3D ultrasound device is likely to find enormous use in clinical surgery and radiotherapy.
Table 12: Leading Players in the US 3D Ultrasound Market
By combining advanced MRI imaging with 3D ultrasound technology, this new biopsy system:
Using new technologies of Real-time 3D ultrasound systems combined with endocardial border tracking algorithms results in fairly short examination times.
Table 12: Leading Players in the US 3D Ultrasound Market (2000): Percentage Breakdown by Value Sales for Medison, ATL Ultrasound, Agilent, Toshiba, TomTec, GE Medical Systems, Siemens Ultrasound, Acuson and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-5
supply and installation of one (1) adult 3d ultrasound & eenos (1) 3d ultrasound boys