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three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina

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The system uses a 3D stereo camera from IDS, the Ensenso N35, along with a built-in light pattern projector to increase imaging accuracy.
Point Grey has launched the new Censys3D people counting and tracking 3D stereo vision sensor.
The phone also incorporates DTS Audio, which, according to Gionee, will offer 3D Stereo surround sound.
You listen to a special 3D stereo soundtrack that plays in the pitch dark casket while built in air rams move the casket in sync with the sound track.
Several news were ( announced on the first few days of Game Developers Conference 2014, including Sony's project called Morpheus demonstrating virtual reality headset that also support 3D stereo sound and PlayStation Move controller, Xbox One indie games coming very soon such as Riptide, GP2 and Guacamelee, Android and iOS cross multiplayer gaming experience and Unity 5 gaming for browsers plan.
Using natural 3D stereo visualisation in real scale and real time, the MTC facility is being used in support of a vast range of activities including commissioning factories and cells, ergonomic issues, analysing welding and robotic tasks, visualisation of product design and hard-to-access manufacturing processes and non-destructive testing.
It was organized and sponsored in major part by 3D Stereo MEDIA (3DSM) and XPAND, with the help of I3DS, and with partial funding from Dolby and 21st Century 3D.
"A special highlight is the option to display the geometry and all results in 3D stereo, using shutter or red/cyan 3D glasses, and to store them as 3D images or movies," said MAGMA President Christof Heisser.
The TLV320AIC3212 portable audio codec, for example, includes DACs, ADCs, speaker and headphone amplifiers, 3D stereo enhancements, 5-band equalizers, and volume controls," said Mark Toth, business development manager for audio and imaging products at TI.
The weed-crop discrimination process is based on 3D stereo vision plant height measurements.
Hemphill, Ron Bartlett; visual effects supervisors, Michael Owens, Craig Lyn; visual effects producer, Kendrick Wallace; visual effects, Method Studios, Weta Digital, CGF, Soho VFX, Spin VFX; special makeup, Greg Cannom; stunt coordinator, Mic Rodgers; fight choreographer, Igor Tsay; 3D stereo conversion, Stereo D; associate producers, Kathleen A.
3D Eye Solutions offers services to the 3D stereo and auto-stereo media sector, producing and processing media content for corporate, venues and trade show events.
The autoconverter converts 2D content as well as 3D stereo content to Ultra-D content.
"The quality of 3D stereo in zSpace is impressive; I feel like we've been living in a 2D world, and an application like zSpace with such immersive qualities gives better cognition to digital 3D content," said Brian Pene, senior principal researcher, office of the CTO at Autodesk.
EON Reality, a US-based company that provides interactive 3D software, has announced the launch of EON Ultra High Definition Icatcher, a 3D stereo powerwall projection system.