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three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina

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Serge Lemonde, director of Marketing, NVIDIA- EMEA and India, pointed out that 3D Vision will form the foundation for a new consumer 3D stereo ecosystem for gaming and home entertainment.
3D Stereo transmission format support Field sequential, side by side, pixel interleaved, dual interface, and stacked
The combination of these resolutions with active 3D stereo and high frame rates in such a compact footprint, delivers a comprehensive projector portfolio able to fulfill a wide range of visualization needs.
As a pioneer in VR 3D stereo projection, Barco worked with Infitec in Germany to perfect the technology.
With this initial handset, IM-U130 CDMA phone, Pantech has become the first customer to enable SRS Labs' next-generation 3D stereo enhancement technology for use in a handset.
The proposed system consists of Barco s Holospace L-shaped stereoscopic environment and five Galaxy NW-12 active 3D stereo projectors, providing high-resolution and full-immersion 3D stereoscopic environment for daily training of COMAC s engineers.
Called the Barco I-Space and CADWall systems, the visualization room provided by Barco Simulation of Xenia uses a total of six high-fidelity projectors for active 3D stereo visualization.
Our new 3D stereo display system helps enhance patient images so physicians can have the best possible information going into interventional procedures," said Claus Grill, vice president, AX Division, Siemens Medical Solutions.
COLOGNE, Germany -- The Horseman family concept announced earlier this year will be highlighted this week at Photokina with three new products on exhibit, including the SW-D2 Pro super wide angle camera, the LD Pro high-end camera back, and the Horseman 3D stereo camera.
One of the most advanced 3D stereo cameras ever developed was announced today by Horseman, which is in a joint venture with Rolleiflex to develop professional level cameras and accessories.
Other sculptures are the result of 3D computer models that are output on 3D stereo lithography printers.
Scanner seeks enhanced damages from ICOS resulting from the sale of accused ICOS two-light source Component Inspector, CyberSTEREO and 3D Stereo products.
3D Eye Solutions is on the hunt for quality video programming and content providers looking for conversion services and hardware integration for the 3D stereo (with glasses) and auto-stereo (without glasses) media industry.
A high-resolution 3D stereo viewer is designed to provide surgeons with an immersive experience.