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The first, based on a detailed 3D rendering of his head, is "a wearable, photorealistic prosthetic." The second, for privacy seekers on a budget, is a less convincing paper mask.
Well you could make that dream a CGI reality, thanks to Pixar giving away their 3D rendering software for free.
From the foundations of 3D rendering to both linear and non-linear rendering processes to further abstractions of model-based and model-less control systems, they cover all that is necessary to provide a functional framework.
The 2 TB dual-drive storage system is ideal for editing high resolution video, 3D rendering, graphic design, and other demanding digital media applications.
"To prove the LED system would provide more vivid light, we produced a full 3D rendering of the building." After the 3D rendering, Cooper and his team invited JLL's management and ESS team to see the capabilities of the proposed system in person during a test on the west section of the building.
The latest version of the metaio Mobile SDK enables gravity-aware AR experiences and according to metaio it is the only AR developer kit that includes a 3D rendering engine.
With 3D rendering, gamers will be able to talk and listen to avatars that are nearby, attend or give lectures for an interactive audience and work in teams with secure leader-controlled access, Ericsson said.
Justin Eames, the managing director at Fish in a Bottle said: "We have used a combination of stunning archive and documentary footage, photography, 3D rendering and animation to put the player in charge of their own plane during missions - it really feels as though the player is there, flying with the squadron.
It explores the 3D tool, offering an artist-friendly survey of Mondo's tools and 3D rendering engine and providing clear tips and tricks for its use.
Spokesman Alistair Jeff said: "Apart from the safety benefits of not having to drive with a map on the lap, modern satellite navigation units are now available with live traffic alerts, video and music playback, celebrity voices and even 3D rendering of landmark buildings."
"The combination of the ARM9 MCU core and media-connectivity peripherals, along with 2D and 3D rendering, geometry engine, and texture-mapping capabilities, makes the Fujitsu MB86R01 'Jade' an excellent fit for the current Range Rover cluster and future applications," said Philip Hughes, senior director and the head of Automotive Business Group, Fujitsu Microelectronics America.
Some game engines only provide real-time 3D rendering capabilities instead of the wide range of functionality required by games.
Derakhshani (a 3D animator whose feature film work includes Pan's Labyrinth) and Munn (3D animation, The Art Institute of California) offer traditional and self-taught students of 3D rendering and computer animation this reference for navigating and making the most of the 2008 version of 3ds Max software.
It has design tools such as raster-to-vector, dynamic text features, parametric 3D-relief modeler, texturing in 2D and 3D, parallel projection, 3D wrapping about part, and 3D rendering. It is compatible to stand-alone along most CAD/CAM packages such as Catia, SolidWorks, Pro-E, Unigraphics, and Inventor.