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Synonyms for cad

Synonyms for cad

someone who is morally reprehensible

software used in art and architecture and engineering and manufacturing to assist in precision drawing

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Headquartered in Texas, BluEntCAD is an 11 year old company specialized in providing resources for 3D Rendering, architectural visualization, CAD services, Revit drafting and Building Information Modeling for all types of architectural, structural and MEP projects.
Exhibit 1: Global 3D Rendering and Virtualization Software Market 2011-2015 (US$ million)
Therefore, real estate developers are outsourcing their 3D modeling and 3D rendering processes to third-party service providers.
Headquartered in Texas and operating in United States since 2002, BluEntCAD sets up 3D rendering studios and provides 3D rendering specialists to homebuilders, real estate developers and construction firms in Houston, New York City, New Jersey, Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto and other cities in Texas and Florida.
Headquartered in Texas and operating in United States since 2002, BluEntCAD sets up CAD studios and provides Revit drafting and 3D Rendering resources to home builders, real estate developers and construction firms in Toronto, New York, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago and other cities in Texas, New Jersey, and Florida as well.
Its flagship product, a real-time 3D rendering engine "MascotCapsule," has been adopted by five Japanese mobile network operators as well as by major mobile phone manufacturers for their global releases.
HI's 3D rendering engine "MascotCapsule(R) eruption" is adopted for the worldwide release of SQUARE ENIX's new RPG "CHAOS RINGS(TM)" for iPhone(R)/iPod(R) touch http://www.
It combines the live cell image acquisition features in InVivo with the analytical tools in Image-Pro Analyzer as well as the interactive 3D rendering functionality in 3D Constructor.
SwiftShader achieves this unprecedented level of performance by dynamically compiling highly optimized code specific to an applications 3D rendering needs.
SplutterFish LLC, established in 2001, designs high-end, affordable and efficient 3D rendering tools used by the industry's top studios.
PURE and RenderDrive incorporate ART VPS's modular ray-tracing architecture, which accelerates 3D rendering by distributing it across an array of specially designed chips.
It offers 3D rendering performance exceeding that of most render farms but without the associated set-up and maintenance costs.
The Blaze platform is widely recognized as the highest quality interactive web 3D rendering solution available anywhere, having been production proven by more than 70 world-renowned brands.