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three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina

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Rhoton and the residents he instructs have built up the library over decades, performing careful dissections and transferring the images they obtain to 3D photography and video.
A specially made air-conditioned tent is dedicated for the arts and it included workshops and activities in drawing, carving, cartooning and 3D photography," Mohammed Al-Kulaib, media coordinator for the Eid program, told Arab News yesterday.
He's also completed his astrophysics PhD in 2007, and is a dedicated animal activist, and is a keen exponent of stereoscopy, an early form of 3D photography.
Away from music, he completed his astrophysics PhD in 2007, more than 30 years after starting it, is a dedicated animal activist, and is a keen exponent of stereoscopy, an early form of 3D photography.
Paradoxically, Cameron also was a co-producer on a 3D film titled "Sanctum," which demonstrated how great 3D photography could be undermined by pedestrian writing and directing.
Operation Crossbow Today, BBC2, 9pm While 3D photography is being used to sell summer cinema blockbusters, this film reveals how it was also a tool used to help win World War II.
Sony and CI will continue to explore how 3D photography and video can help achieve conservation results.
Landscapes, still life, portraitures, calligraphy, abstract painting, mixed media collages, papier mache sculptures, etched wood panels and 3D photography conveyed the expressions of the artists.
In addition, the company displayed its newly developed 3D photography experience, based on the combination of its advanced processor technology with Fujinon lenses.
Papers from an October 2006 symposium detail the latest work in the areas of 3D photography, segmentation, animation and collision detection, medical images, and interactive computer graphics, as well as meshes and compression, tracking, statistical image analysis, visualization, mathematical morphology, and video analysis.
com and through strategic partners for shipments in September 2006, includes automatic image focus and exposure techniques to ensure quality 3D images -- consistently -- even by those new to 3D photography.
We are also very proud to introduce the first one-lens 3D system alongside the NX300, opening up a whole new world of 3D photography and video recording for consumers everywhere.