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three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina

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This high-tech tool uses 3D photography and cutting-edge software to prepare, create and help place a permanent crown in just one visit.
AMA has augmented our unique system of documentation to include 3D Printing, 3D Photography, Videography and IR Protection Factor measurements to provide state of the art documentation.
This recording process, however, requires twice the data as a 2D image, making 3D photography and video more bulky, expensive, and data intensive.
Northumberlandia, the world's largest landform sculpture, has been captured by 3D photography and now would-be visitors can take a cyber-stroll around the site without having to get up out of their arm chair.
The 3D photography works well for the scenes in the Khumbu Icefall and the final climb up the Southeast ridge, and it's wonderful to see the 1953 footage back on the big screen.
Segoma's groundbreaking 3D photography technology is re-standardizing the way diamonds and gemstones are traded around the world.
Rhoton and the residents he instructs have built up the library over decades, performing careful dissections and transferring the images they obtain to 3D photography and video.
"A specially made air-conditioned tent is dedicated for the arts and it included workshops and activities in drawing, carving, cartooning and 3D photography," Mohammed Al-Kulaib, media coordinator for the Eid program, told Arab News yesterday.
Away from music, he completed his astrophysics PhD in 2007, more than 30 years after starting it, is a dedicated animal activist, and is a keen exponent of stereoscopy, an early form of 3D photography. Love life: He has three children from his first wife, Chrissie Mullen.
He's also completed his astrophysics PhD in 2007, and is a dedicated animal activist, and is a keen exponent of stereoscopy, an early form of 3D photography. Love Life He has three children with first wife, Chrissie Mullen: they divorced in 1988.
"I'm not learning to play the guitar or learning to be an astronomer, or learning to understand 3D photography, all of which he's at the peak of his profession in, so I think you just have to understand that we can't all do everything."
Paradoxically, Cameron also was a co-producer on a 3D film titled "Sanctum," which demonstrated how great 3D photography could be undermined by pedestrian writing and directing.