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a person who creates models


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Do you or someone on your team feel comfortable with 3D modeling software? What is the skill development involved in 3D printing?
However, many 3D modeling software programs make it very easy to quickly draw shapes and features.
(This is where 3D modeling software leaves CAD-3D in the dust.) While you can add color and texture to a CAD-3D model, the depth and versatility of texturing in a true 3D modeling program is much better.
In 2000, he co-founded Daz 3D, a company that creates 3D modeling software used for animation and illustration.
It also will shift the focus from traditional woodshop and metal-shop projects to lessons on robotics, lasers, graphic design, 3D modeling software and understanding blueprints.
Using Rapidform 3D modeling software, I removed unwanted information (such as the tabletop where the objects had been resting) from the raw scanner data.
3D modeling software provider Tekla has launched a new advanced application for building information model-based project communication and coordination.
The first way is to create our application like the plugin of the one complex 3D modeling software (AutoCAD, BricsCad, etc.).
Armed with Objet's Eden 260V, 3D modeling software and a large pool of talent, Legacy: worked for nearly 16 months On the concept designs for each of the Na'vi characters (the blue humanoids) and the Amplified Mobility Platform (AMP) Suits (giant robotic exoskeleton for humans).
Given the tight schedule imposed by Dragon Oil, the EPIC contractor elected to design the project using 3D modeling software on MicroStation instead of AutoCAD.
"I worked with the STL file supplied by GKS and scaled it down using Rhino 3D Modeling Software. Once satisfied with the scaled 3D computer model, it was exported and sent to a 3D printing service."
Using technology gained from its recent acquisition of Skymatter, Whose founders all worked on films including The Lord of the Rings and then went on to develop Mudbox 3D modeling software (, Autodesk plans to allow sculptors to articulate shapes and proportions digitally for improved efficiency and accuracy.
Thomas recently cut a deal with Autodesk, the maker of popular 3D modeling software. In the model review process, parts in the models can be searched for directly in ThomasNet's engine so the procurement process is integrated into the design process.
One of the leaders in 3D technology solutions, InSpeck, Inc., has been researching, developing, designing, and manufacturing non-contact optical digitizers and 3D modeling software since the company's founding in 1994.
This moldmaker offers complete design, build and test capabilities, in-dept knowledge of cold runner, cleanroom, TPE and liquid silicone molding techniques, CAD and EDI protocols to interface with its product design group, all the latest 3D modeling software and profile verification programs, mold flow analysis and full prototyping capability, and experience with rubber, TPEs, plastics and liquid silicone materials, according to this four-page, four-color brochure.