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Synonyms for cad

someone who is morally reprehensible

software used in art and architecture and engineering and manufacturing to assist in precision drawing

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Spatial 3D modeling, 3D visualization, and CAD translation software development toolkits help application developers deliver market-leading products, maintain focus on core competencies, and reduce time-to-market.
In this work, we present a methodology for 3D modeling of brain tumors using endoneurosonography and artificial neural networks.
In order to reduce the modeling workload, researchers have raised lots of 3D modeling methods by using 2D images [19-21].
Whereas, 3D modeling is defined as a process of developing a 3D surface of any object or place with the help of specialized software, and hence the product developed is model in 3D.
The new feature is the result of the companies' collaboration to streamline 3D printing workflows, making it easier for "makers" and millions of other users of Trimble's SketchUp 3D modeling software to create and share Printable models in 3D Warehouse.
Bentley's SUE brings together data from multiple sources, and geo-coordinates that for 3D modeling, interactive inspection and utility conflict detection and clash resolution.
This guide to AutoCAD 2013 3D modeling shows users how to create and edit 3D objects in AutoCAD for the purpose of producing real-world objects.
AutoCAD 2014 3D Modeling provides all level of users with step-by-step instructions on creating and working with 3D models, from rendering and cameras to printing, and uses both metric and imperial units to cover the different tools available for this application.
She joined Welaptega Marine in 2007 to develop the company's subsea 3D modeling capability and has executed subsea projects in Canada, Norway, the Gulf of Mexico, Australia and the United Kingdom.
A better articulated and more consolidated approach, integrated 3D Modeling provides agile, flexible and reusable layout, multiplying the design options and their applicability.
A number of companies within Alaska are now using 3D modeling on Google Earth to not only target their locations for prospective users, but to provide a visible representation of their buildings.
3D modeling and simulation of flexible elements (cables or hoses) has been of big interest in automotive and air industry most of all.
Hamad, an Autodesk Approved Instructor and engineering software specialist, provides step-by-step instruction in 3D modeling with the AutoCAD 2010 PC-based drafting tool.