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Synonyms for stereoscopy

three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina

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With the arrival and installation of in-office iCat 3D Imaging, Dr.
Such an approach would lead to the creation of even smaller 3D imaging devices which could be available at lower cost.
For more info and specifications about the GS Family of 3D imaging sensors, visit:
This affordable, compact CBCT systemwhich is pending FDA 510(k) clearanceis intended to offer high-quality, low-dose 3D imaging for orthopaedic practices.
Package 5 Camera ultrasound with Doppler color option, the head and the abdomen endowaginalna with 3D imaging and elastography function - pcs.
Prior Information Notice: Market survey of 3d imaging and navigation-friendly hardware.
Prior Information Notice for Market Survey 3D imaging and navigation equipment.
Minister for Health David Davis today officially opened Australia s first 3D imaging laboratory at Monash Medical Centre in Clayton.
Today, Panasonic is working to carry this evolution into a new plane of true-to-life, immersive communication with the development of 3D imaging and high-definition imaging technologies.
M2 PRESSWIRE-September 4, 2019-: 3D Imaging in Smartphone Market Demand, Business Prospects, Leading Players Updates and Industry Analysis Report till 2028 | Radiant Insights, Inc.
Contract Awarded for Color doppler ultrasound of adult heart with high grade 3d imaging (combined with esophageal 3d imaging) 1 set
Dr Athinodoros Klipfel, sales manager for 3D sensors at Automation Technology, described how one of the firm's OEM customers used its 3D imaging technology, in combination with a colour line scan camera, to inspect surface mount device (SMD) assembly on PCBs.
There has been a rise in the demand for 3D imaging solutions due to the increasing development of smart cit) projects and its expanding civil engineering & manufacturing applications.
San Diego, CA, February 13, 2019 --( Telemedicine solution company PatientClick in partnership with 3D imaging Taralux, announce the launch of a 3D imaging solution integrated into PatientClick's telemedicine software at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2019 conference.
Vayyar Imaging is the global leader for imaging and sensing applications with its cutting-edge 3D imaging sensor technology.