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Synonyms for stereoscopy

three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina

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Purchase low-dose 2D / 3D imaging system parameters specified in procurement documents based on the purchase contract tender within the framework of the University of Pcs GINOP-2.
Scanning technique is expected to dominate the 3D imaging market over the forecast period owing to its portability and efficiency.
The teams at MPI Research, InviCRO, and 3D Imaging have come together to set records for conception, construction and installation of a cyclotron facility," added Marc Berridge, Ph.
The 3D imaging research report analyzes global adoption trends, evolving platforms and forces in this rapidly emerging market.
One of the primary benefits of using the new technique over more conventional 3D imaging techniques is that single-pixel detectors can "see" wavelengths far beyond those digital cameras are currently capable of.
The robust IVC-3D Stainless Steel uses 3D imaging to ensure that high-speed production processes run smoothly, through precise shape and volume measurements, with instant response.
MPI Research has partnered with inviCRO and 3D Imaging to combine molecular imaging, radiochemistry, and informatics in an effort to accelerate drug discovery and development.
com)-- FSI Technologies adds a new 3D imaging sensor into its machine vision product line.
The VK-9700 is said to offer advanced 3D imaging features.
This affordable, compact CBCT systemwhich is pending FDA 510(k) clearanceis intended to offer high-quality, low-dose 3D imaging for orthopaedic practices.
recently extended its channel and laser scanning and 3D imaging capabilities by securing new partnerships with Leica Geosystems and Zebra Imaging.
Prior Information Notice for Market Survey 3D imaging and navigation equipment.
Research has demonstrated the clinical value of 3D imaging over the standard 2D available in the vast majority of hospitals.
Axis Three products combine our scientifically proven, Tissue Behavior Simulation (TBS(TM)) engine with patented Color Coded Triangulation (CCT(TM)), 3D imaging technology to deliver unprecedented patient confidence.