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three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina

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The company stated the 3Dimensions breast tomosynthesis system provides higher resolution 3D images for radiologists, enhanced workflow for technologists and a more comfortable mammography experience, with low-dose options, for patients.
For example, a CT scan of a neck can be converted into a 3D image in an hour with an additional hour and a half required for printing the model from the scans.
This paper presents a 3D depth estimation algorithm with feature-based technique to generate robust geometric 3D structures from a holoscopic 3D image. It facilitates correspondence matching for a small set of regularly spaced pixels in the EI array.
Continuous and Discrete Representations of a 3D Image. The algorithm DA3DED uses two different mathematical representations of a 3D image.
Editor's Note: To see the 3D image, hold the page squarely in front of you, relax your eyes to look "through" the page into the distance, and let the two images of Jupiter merge.
The lab, equipped with a 3D printer from MakerBot and 3D image scanning system from NextEngine, "gives students a complete experience starting from a concept and translating that creative idea into a product prototype," said Venky Venkatachalam, professor and associate dean of academic programs at Paul College.
Howell, MI, March 06, 2013 --( The two companies have combined efforts in order to introduce Augmented Reality (AR) in a practical way by resourcing its 3D image capabilities to visually enhance print content.
In addition, the 3D image and the histopathology showed similar results.
Newcastle's See-Fish Technology has been invited to take part in showcase trials backed by the Technology Strategy Board, which will give it a forum to demonstrate what its 3D image browsing software can do for companies with large reserves of images.
The third dimension is created by triangulation and a 3D image is produced as the object moves under a laser beam.
Crystal Me 3D, an innovative firm located on Caerphilly's Western Industrial Estate, has developed cutting-edge laser engraving technology that allows it to reproduce the 3D image crystals from digital images and photographs.
Crystal Me 3D, located on Caerphilly's Western Industrial Estate, has developed cutting-edge laser engraving technology which allows it to reproduce the 3D image crystals from photographs.
The new machine, called the Confined Large Optical Scientillator Screen and Imaging System, or CoLOSSIS, uses thousands of 2D X-ray images to produce one 3D image depicting the inside of a nuclear weapon--the same way CT scanners generate 3D images of the inside of a human body.
Scientists created the 3D image on the left from a fossilised spider that lived 53 million years ago.