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three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina

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Unlike traditional CT systems, this CBCT system has a large-area detector that captures a 3D image of the patient in a single rotation in just 25 seconds.
WhaZop [TM] specializes in custom designing 3D image icons, recognizable to consumers also featuring online mobile content, social media interaction and e-commerce.
He said: "We have our own cameraman but have also perfected a means of building 3D images from photographs or digital images.
TSE: ATY, NASDAQ: ATYT), has unveiled TRUFORM, a new rendering technology developed for future generations of graphics processors that will help to deliver the smoothest, most natural 3D images ever seen on both existing and next-generation 3D games and personal computers.
Ability to manipulate massive 3D image databases, unlimited by size of area or level of detail;
Experts at Philips are close to perfecting a system which uses holograms to project a 3D image into the room.
She adds that showing patients a 3D image that illustrates their condition or injury can help them understand the reason for a treatment or surgical procedureand accept the specialists recommendation.
The principles behind RealView's system are well known in the holography community, but the company appears to have succeeded in building a prototype system which is close to commercialisation, which takes as digital image data (such as from medical imaging equipment), converts it through proprietary algorithms in to calculated interference patterns, then projects these using a spatial light modulator (SLM) to a focal spot in mid-air, where the full colour animated 3D image can be viewed over a wide angle by several people, with real-time interaction in terms of moving the image to see different sides and even slicing it to get internal views.
Each pixel has two gates," says Spare, "and we read the differential voltage between them, which allows us to create a 3D image with range information.
The resulting assembly would be a rotatable 3D image of much higher resolution than any single image obtainable through the camera's optics.
The eSP868 chip with its unique software can not only provide all the features supported by the eSP768 but also generate a depth map from both left and right images, and therefore can have real 3D image recognition capabilities.
When they do, it will be thanks to the 3D image sensor chips from Infineon Technologies AG and pmdtechnologies gmbh.
Infineon Technologies AG today introduced a family of 3D Image Sensor chips for implementation of touchless gesture recognition.
The unit incorporates three high-resolution imaging heads and a Color Coded Triangulation (CCT[R]) algorithm, which enables precise 3D image capture within a compact hardware footprint.
This first book on processing and analysis of 3D images of materials structures describes how to develop and apply efficient and versatile tools for geometric analysis and contains a detailed description of the basics of 3D image analysis.