virtual reality

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a hypothetical three-dimensional visual world created by a computer

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Sitting in a ride car, you don 3D goggles and take control of a light gun which appears to shoot everything from baseballs to custard pies at on-screen targets.
Finally, after a safety lecture from the Sorting Hat, and with 3D goggles on, we were strapped into chairs hanging from the ceiling and our ride began.
With my 3D goggles, I climb into the car and experience the ride of my life.
Unlike previous attempts to make 3D goggles, the Rift has a very wide field of view, and moves the images you see in real time as you tilt your head around.
The NVIDIA 3D goggles (active-shutter glasses) bundled with the laptop, should come in handy for watching 3D Blu-ray movies and also play 3D games with stereoscopic 3D effect.
THE 3D goggles are here to stay as Keane are the latest band to jump on the blue and red bandwagon.
SAT in our seats wearing 3D goggles for much of this performance, it is fair to say we were agog at what was unfolding before our eyes.