virtual reality

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a hypothetical three-dimensional visual world created by a computer

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THE 3D goggles are here to stay as Keane are the latest band to jump on the blue and red bandwagon.
SAT in our seats wearing 3D goggles for much of this performance, it is fair to say we were agog at what was unfolding before our eyes.
In a nutshell: The cars, the fans, the 3D goggles, the evolution of a cultural behemoth.
3D goggles can also be used to enhance the image further.
Yesterday Brian, wearing 3D goggles and driving from a computer console 309 million miles away, passed the first part as the rover - dubbed Sojourner - inched its way down the ramp of the Pathfinder spacecraft.
The user sits in Panasonic's latest Shiatsu Massage Lounger--introduced at the International Home Furnishings Market in High Point in April--and watches a relaxing three-dimensional video through specially engineered 3D goggles, which also monitor the heart rate of the wearer and accordingly adjust the chair's massage program.